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  1. Photo of Fred Engel

    Fred Engel Producer and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Ralph Nelson

    Ralph Nelson Producer, Cast, Executive Producer Director

  3. Photo of Marvin H. Albert

    Marvin H. Albert Screenplay

  4. Photo of Michael M. Grilikhes

    Michael M. Grilikhes Screenplay

  5. Photo of Charles F. Wheeler

    Charles F. Wheeler Cinematography

  6. Photo of James Garner

    James Garner Cast

  7. Photo of Sidney Poitier

    Sidney Poitier Cast

  8. Photo of Bibi Andersson

    Bibi Andersson Cast

  9. Photo of Dennis Weaver

    Dennis Weaver Cast

  10. Photo of Bill Travers

    Bill Travers Cast

  11. Photo of William Redfield

    William Redfield Cast

  12. Photo of John Hubbard

    John Hubbard Cast

  13. Photo of Bill Hart

    Bill Hart Cast

  14. Photo of John Hoyt

    John Hoyt Cast

  15. Photo of Eddie Little Sky

    Eddie Little Sky Cast

  16. Photo of John Crawford

    John Crawford Cast

  17. Photo of Fredric Steinkamp

    Fredric Steinkamp Editing

  18. Photo of J. Paul Popkin

    J. Paul Popkin Production Design

  19. Photo of Neal Hefti

    Neal Hefti Music

  20. Photo of Jerry Whittington

    Jerry Whittington Sound

  21. Photo of Yvonne Wood

    Yvonne Wood Costume Design

  22. Photo of Richard Farnsworth

    Richard Farnsworth Cast