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  1. Photo of Terence Young

    Terence Young Director

  2. Photo of Ferdinando Baldi

    Ferdinando Baldi Director

  3. Photo of Ennio De Concini

    Ennio De Concini Screenplay

  4. Photo of Carlo Lizzani

    Carlo Lizzani Screenplay

  5. Photo of Giuliano Montaldo

    Giuliano Montaldo Screenplay

  6. Photo of Luciano Vincenzoni

    Luciano Vincenzoni Story

  7. Photo of Alan Ladd

    Alan Ladd Cast

  8. Photo of Franco Fabrizi

    Franco Fabrizi Cast

  9. Photo of Franca Bettoia

    Franca Bettoia Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Keith

    Robert Keith Cast

  11. Photo of Jacqueline Derval

    Jacqueline Derval Cast

  12. Photo of Luciano Marin

    Luciano Marin Cast

  13. Photo of Andrea Aureli

    Andrea Aureli Cast

  14. Photo of Mino Doro

    Mino Doro Cast

  15. Photo of Osvaldo Ruggieri

    Osvaldo Ruggieri Cast

  16. Photo of Piero Palermini

    Piero Palermini Cast

  17. Photo of Violette Marceau

    Violette Marceau Cast

  18. Photo of Umberto Raho

    Umberto Raho Cast

  19. Photo of Alfredo Varelli

    Alfredo Varelli Cast

  20. Photo of Evi Marandi

    Evi Marandi Cast

  21. Photo of Alana Ladd

    Alana Ladd Cast

  22. Photo of Nando Angelini

    Nando Angelini Cast

  23. Photo of Franca Pasut

    Franca Pasut Cast

  24. Photo of Jacques Sernas

    Jacques Sernas Cast

  25. Photo of Amerigo Gengarelli

    Amerigo Gengarelli Cinematography

  26. Photo of Angelo Francesco Lavagnino

    Angelo Francesco Lavagnino Music

  27. Photo of Dragoljub Ivkov

    Dragoljub Ivkov Production Design

  28. Photo of Massimo Palmieri

    Massimo Palmieri Production Design

  29. Photo of Angelo Ferrara

    Angelo Ferrara Producer

  30. Photo of Renzo Lucidi

    Renzo Lucidi Editing

  31. Photo of Mario Giorsi

    Mario Giorsi Costume Design

  32. Photo of Giulio Bongini

    Giulio Bongini Art Department

  33. Photo of Vlado Branković

    Vlado Branković Art Department