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  1. Cindy's rating of the film Duelle

    jacques rivette director of my DREAMS

  2. Chearth's rating of the film Duelle

  3. ammar's rating of the film Duelle

  4. kartina obskura's rating of the film Duelle

    for everyone who's into fairy tales inspired cinema ♥♥♥

  5. V.S. Luoma-aho's rating of the film Duelle

    Visually lush, but as a whole Rivette's phantasmagoria leaves me pretty cold. I probably don't understand its motives; as for me it lacks the psychophysical punch needed for such narrative/character driven shenanigans. On the other hand it's quite opaque; these are not people, there are no motives, no sensations, only mannequin-like performances without the uncanny agent needed for threat or unease.

  6. Rikard Westeman's rating of the film Duelle

    Mysterious, to say the least. Compelling though.

  7. Dada Kubin's rating of the film Duelle

    “Duelle” plays like a 1940s film noir set in some nouvelle vague fantasy spage age, several stylish femme fatales inclusive. It’s visually wonderful, with a really groovy and surreal atmosphere. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the story, but the characters and the dialogue thrive, so who cares. Cinematic tripping.

  8. lostlevel's rating of the film Duelle

    Intriguing, I'm not sure I quite get it but enjoyable nonetheless.

  9. alanbessa's rating of the film Duelle

    This film have a lot of high points, but the goddesses plot is not one of them.

  10. Ekaterina Chernyaeva's rating of the film Duelle

  11. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Duelle

    Like going bar-hopping with the chicest secret society imaginable and about as intriguing and interminable as you might imagine that to be. Or:~ The Avengers: The Existentialist Years. Or:~ Nancy Drew Gets in Way Over Her Head. Would make an interesting double-feature with Mulholland Drive.

  12. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film Duelle

    Somehow this film does not appeal to me. I liked the other Rivette film, "La Belle Noiseuse" although it was too long for me. It was interesting to see the creation process of a painter bit by bit. Yet this film will stay in my memory only with its theatrical acting and nice cinematography. However, I could not get the main idea and/or feeling underlying this film.

  13. panagiotatos's rating of the film Duelle

    don't try to understand it, it's a weird movie, that is just OK.

  14. DrFirestone's rating of the film Duelle

    Unique mixture of fantasy, mystery, noir... Great cast and mesmerising performances... Juliet Berto, Bulle Ogier, Hermine Karagheuz, Jean Babilée. I loved that surreal atmosphere, the set detail, fashion and dresses, live music... Jacques Rivette is a true gem of The New Wave, his work so subtle and mysterious.

  15. captainfez's rating of the film Duelle

    Two and two no longer make four.

  16. Brian Gutierrez's rating of the film Duelle

    The camera work and use of reflections and mirrors made the labyrinthine Paris all the more like a dream place. Just when I thought I had a handle on what was happening, the last lines are spoken and I'm back to the beginning haha.

  17. Jenny Coldpussy's rating of the film Duelle

    I dozed off a couple of times. Rivette's films have this playful, almost silly tone, like it openly doesn't take itself seriously, that prevents me from engaging. That being said, there are several scenes that are cinematographic gold and make it worth watching.

  18. Tibulle85's rating of the film Duelle

    Grosse déception pour ce film...Construire (avec brio) une atmosphère ne suffit pas à excuser un script sans queue ni tête, des acteurs en roues libres et une esthétique irrémédiablement vieillotte. J'ai abandonné au bout d'une heure face à la vacuité de l'ensemble. Je pense néanmoins retenter ma chance avec les autres films de Rivette proposés par Mubi; je pense que ce réalisateur est capable de bien mieux!

  19. Timmy93's rating of the film Duelle

    A treat for the eye with rich imagery and vibrant colour. Fun to put the plot together, but ultimately deciphering the befuddled plot and meandering dialogue becomes tedious after 2 hours. .

  20. Catherine Abecassis's rating of the film Duelle

    absolument jouissif l'inoubliable juliet berto demeure une farce, une fresque, viva la muerte la vie mortelle ....

  21. Mark Commode's rating of the film Duelle

  22. Victor Gonzalez's rating of the film Duelle

  23. Xavier's rating of the film Duelle

    pff.... just super slow... and loong... boring.

  24. Quattro's rating of the film Duelle

    Gorgeus cinematography, Rivette clearly knows where to put the camera and how to move it. And the dresses, the live soundrack on set, the set itself... I understand who saw the best of Lynch in here. I appreciated the noir-like structure of the narration, and its surrealistic background; a balance that unfortunately gets lost in the end, where a plot so childish is taken seriously, but turning only pitiful. Too bad.

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