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  1. Photo of Gilles Grangier

    Gilles Grangier Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Michel Audiard

    Michel Audiard Screenplay

  3. Photo of Albert Simonin

    Albert Simonin Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jean Gabin

    Jean Gabin Cast

  5. Photo of Madeleine Robinson

    Madeleine Robinson Cast

  6. Photo of Franck Villard

    Franck Villard Cast

  7. Photo of Jean Lefebvre

    Jean Lefebvre Cast

  8. Photo of Jacques Marin

    Jacques Marin Cast

  9. Photo of Jean Martinelli

    Jean Martinelli Cast

  10. Photo of Louis de Funès

    Louis de Funès Cast

  11. Photo of Paul Frankeur

    Paul Frankeur Cast

  12. Photo of Josée Steiner

    Josée Steiner Cast

  13. Photo of Alexandre Rignault

    Alexandre Rignault Cast

  14. Photo of Paul Mercey

    Paul Mercey Cast

  15. Photo of Camille Fournier

    Camille Fournier Cast

  16. Photo of Paul Faivre

    Paul Faivre Cast

  17. Photo of Albert Dinan

    Albert Dinan Cast

  18. Photo of Marie-Hélène Dasté

    Marie-Hélène Dasté Cast

  19. Photo of Léonce Corne

    Léonce Corne Cast

  20. Photo of Joëlle Bernard

    Joëlle Bernard Cast

  21. Photo of Aline Bertrand

    Aline Bertrand Cast

  22. Photo of Louis Page

    Louis Page Cinematography

  23. Photo of Michel Legrand

    Michel Legrand Music

  24. Photo of Francis Lemarque

    Francis Lemarque Music

  25. Photo of Jacques Colombier

    Jacques Colombier Production Design

  26. Photo of Jacques Bar

    Jacques Bar Producer

  27. Photo of Jacques Desagneaux

    Jacques Desagneaux Editing