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  1. Photo of Afia Nathaniel

    Afia Nathaniel Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Muhammad Nadeem Nawaz

    Muhammad Nadeem Nawaz Executive Producer

  3. Photo of M. Khalid Ali

    M. Khalid Ali Producer

  4. Photo of Cordelia Stephens

    Cordelia Stephens Producer

  5. Photo of Carsten Aanonsen

    Carsten Aanonsen Producer

  6. Photo of Shrihari Sathe

    Shrihari Sathe Producer

  7. Photo of Noman Waheed

    Noman Waheed Producer

  8. Photo of Thea Kerman

    Thea Kerman Producer

  9. Photo of Armughan Hassan

    Armughan Hassan Cinematography and Editing

  10. Photo of Najaf Bilgrami

    Najaf Bilgrami Cinematography

  11. Photo of Samiya Mumtaz

    Samiya Mumtaz Cast

  12. Photo of Mohib Mirza

    Mohib Mirza Cast

  13. Photo of Saleha Aref

    Saleha Aref Cast

  14. Photo of Asif Khan

    Asif Khan Cast

  15. Photo of Ajab Gul

    Ajab Gul Cast

  16. Photo of Adnan Shah

    Adnan Shah Cast

  17. Photo of Abdullah Jan

    Abdullah Jan Cast

  18. Photo of Samina Ahmad

    Samina Ahmad Cast

  19. Photo of Omair Rana

    Omair Rana Cast