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  1. Charlotte Normand's rating of the film Dunkirk

  2. Jugu Abraham's rating of the film Dunkirk

    Average war film with a very good musical score from Hans Zimmer, very commendable production design, and cinematography. Wish it wins Oscars for these three aspects.

  3. Droog811's rating of the film Dunkirk

    Excellent film making. From the masterful direction to the beautiful cinematography to the intertwined storytelling. Gripping at times and quiet in some moments. Which points out that all war movies aren't just about explosions and action.

  4. nadnab's rating of the film Dunkirk

  5. Tyler Barton's rating of the film Dunkirk

    Beautiful film, gorgeous cinematography, great acting. I really enjoyed this film - a stand-out movie from an already exceptional director.

  6. fuogofugato's rating of the film Dunkirk

  7. sarahubertyramos's rating of the film Dunkirk

  8. Martin De Martin's rating of the film Dunkirk

    Nolan non riesce proprio ad arrivarmi al cuore. Il parallelo con gli orrori della guerra portati sul grande schermo da altri giganti del cinema viene spontaneo ed è impietoso: dove lì c'erano le idee, il messaggio, la profondità, qua rimane solo la perfezione formale e la necessità di stupire a tutti i costi, in un bignami onanista del tutto artefatto e povero di emozioni. Niente da fare, sarà per la prossima,

  9. Il calvario di un’anima perduta's rating of the film Dunkirk

  10. Johnny DuBiel's rating of the film Dunkirk

    It's not Nolan's greatest film (that would still be 'The Prestige'), but it IS his most technically assured. His use of sound specifically is borderline revolutionary. It's an amazingly assured war film where the characters on screen aren't "heroes", but rather lucky survivors.

  11. etilen's rating of the film Dunkirk

    - Well done, lads. Well done. - All we did is survive. - That's enough.

  12. gigicogo's rating of the film Dunkirk

    Impressionismo puro. Orgoglio british. Montaggio visivo e sequenze narrative molto belle. Non è il solito film di guerra eroi contro cattivi. Il film va visto con gli occhi dei britannici. Quella triste storia che per noi potrebbe essere considerata solo una catastrofe, per loro è stata la somma di piccole e piccolissime storie personali e famigliari che hanno ridato vigore e speranza per ripartire.

  13. AdrianM.'s rating of the film Dunkirk

  14. Claudia Negrea's rating of the film Dunkirk

    along with apocalypse now and full metal jacket, one of the few war films I truly appreciated. fresh approach, clever editing, much suspense. also, I hardly believe it was nolan's intention to create complex characters or give deep meaning to all this, but I understand how these aspects might give the impression it was a cold, maybe too impersonal exercise.

  15. Silvoieski's rating of the film Dunkirk

    Nolan followed the same approach that Malick had with Thin Red Line, giving emphasis to the "silence of the war", involving the viewer through a technical mastery in photography and sound. Absolutely immersive, I felt I was on that breathless environment where times counts second to second, death to death.

  16. Sebastian Eklund's rating of the film Dunkirk

    Beautiful cinematography by van Hoytema and, all in all, a well edited film. However, I found the dialogue a bit weak and I never really developed any kind of attachment to the characters (bar on a few rare occasions). If I hadn't seen it in a cinema it might have rendered a lower score as the visuals stood out the most. (Caveat: It should be said that this usually really isn't my cup of tea genre-wise)

  17. wonho's rating of the film Dunkirk

    acho que não entendi a obra™

  18. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Dunkirk

    Nolan is a master of taking emotion and anything real out of a situation and distilling it to its most empty. He arrogantly assumes we all hold the same reverence for British endurance and will revel in the subject matter just because that he forgets to invite us into this happening at any point. If this was North Korea or Communist China they'd call it propaganda.

  19. teresa romã's rating of the film Dunkirk

    Overwhelming visuals, featuring all of my favorite colors. Despite that, a good homage.

  20. Emrys's rating of the film Dunkirk

    As a kid watching 50-minute-long IMAX nature documentaries, I imagined what it might be like in the future if we started using IMAX film for fiction storytelling. I'm really impressed by Dunkirk: using cinema with an aim to capture and communicate the *experience* of a story. Very minimal digital effects. Very minimal dialogue. Just hugely immersive, motion photography and a stressful, gently contemplative plot.

  21. Dave's rating of the film Dunkirk

    It has stuck with me. IMO, pretty bold for a director who has come to at least partially be identified for blockbuster superhero films to make what could have easily been a silent film.

  22. Leif Erikson's rating of the film Dunkirk

    Men my age dictate this war. Why should we be allowed to send our children to fight it?

  23. n's rating of the film Dunkirk

    For the sound design and music 5 stars more.

  24. movieater's rating of the film Dunkirk

    I found myself totally immersed by Dunkirk. I was able to taste how it feels to be at the heart of a war. Plus,Tom Hardy is a hero.

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