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  1. Matthew Catanzano's rating of the film Dust Devil

  2. Joel's rating of the film Dust Devil

    Something about the thick dense atmospere of this film works for me. Albeit the plot is disjointed and not wholly satisfying there is something about the setting that just gets under my skin and lingers on.

  3. corycorycorycory's rating of the film Dust Devil

    This was great, but could've been stronger. You can tell the limitations. Still, the film is spooky and raw.

  4. John Matrix's rating of the film Dust Devil

    It's not always coherent, but Stanley's second feature delivers on weirdness and great visuals. Brutal ritual murders, an immortal shapeshifting serial killer, fucked-up dream sequences, and an exploding head scene to rival the one in SCANNERS are all included. It's a step up from HARDWARE and a delight to watch.

  5. Rafael Fonseca's rating of the film Dust Devil

    I don't see the point. Very, very convoluted and self-indulgent. But it does create a mood. And I admit some sequences are great (mostly to do with the seduction of Wendy - the dancing, the canyon). || MotelX 2015

  6. V.S. Luoma-aho's rating of the film Dust Devil

    Cool ambience & imagery, I like Stanley's magical leanings. Too bad the movie itself is almost a mess, with some glimpses of brilliance here and there. A disappointment, I expected more from the maker of Hardware.

  7. vladd's rating of the film Dust Devil

    richard stanley's love for the moviemaking craft plus simon boswell's haunting, shamanistic-themed soundtrack plus the menacing yet beautiful sight of the namib desert make this truly live up to its cult movie reputation.

  8. Rattzz Matanzano's rating of the film Dust Devil

    Some of the middle was pretty bad....

  9. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Dust Devil

    ā˜…ā˜…ā˜… utter nonsense for a screenplay, but the atmosphere is one of a kind. some cult movies are better than others but it is, nonetheless, a cult movie.

  10. Sean's rating of the film Dust Devil

    Such a unique vision of horror, its like part western, part supernantural horror part serial killer film. Set in a dusty South African town of Bethany, the chase is on to find a serial killer who is on the loose. A cop with a haunted past is on the case, and a woman who is on the run from her controlling husband somehow get all tied together.

  11. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film Dust Devil

    Hearing Richard Stanley talk about this film at a screening so many years later was quite rewarding. The way he married his own strange experiences of the unique landscape of his homeland with the politics of apartheid along with an occult thriller plot makes for a unique trip even watching it in 2017. Not perfect by any means but there aren't many films like it out there and that is something.

  12. Coheed 2.5's rating of the film Dust Devil

    Link to a review here -