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  1. Photo of Mamihasina A. Raminosoa

    Mamihasina A. Raminosoa Director

  2. Photo of Rado Andriamanisa

    Rado Andriamanisa Director, Cinematography

  3. Photo of Daniel Dravet

    Daniel Dravet Screenplay

  4. Photo of Andry Rarivonandrasana

    Andry Rarivonandrasana Editing

  5. Photo of Aina Rasamoelina

    Aina Rasamoelina Music

  6. Photo of Naty Kaly

    Naty Kaly Sound

  7. Photo of Lova Raonindriaka

    Lova Raonindriaka Production Design

  8. Photo of Michel Geromany

    Michel Geromany Cast

  9. Photo of Synthia Ainasoa

    Synthia Ainasoa Cast

  10. Photo of Irina Raveloson

    Irina Raveloson Cast

  11. Photo of Onja Tinondia

    Onja Tinondia Cast

  12. Photo of Barthelemy Rabary

    Barthelemy Rabary Cast