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  1. Photo of Carlo Vanzina

    Carlo Vanzina Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Vittorio Cecchi Gori

    Vittorio Cecchi Gori Producer

  3. Photo of Enrico Vanzina

    Enrico Vanzina Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gianlorenzo Battaglia

    Gianlorenzo Battaglia Cinematography

  5. Photo of Antonello Fassari

    Antonello Fassari Cast

  6. Photo of Regina Bianchi

    Regina Bianchi Cast

  7. Photo of Ciro Esposito

    Ciro Esposito Cast

  8. Photo of Elena Russo

    Elena Russo Cast

  9. Photo of Virginie Marsan

    Virginie Marsan Cast

  10. Photo of Gianfranco Agus

    Gianfranco Agus Cast

  11. Photo of Adolfo Margiotta

    Adolfo Margiotta Cast

  12. Photo of Youma Diakite

    Youma Diakite Cast

  13. Photo of Tiziana Schiavarelli

    Tiziana Schiavarelli Cast

  14. Photo of Luigi Maria Burruano

    Luigi Maria Burruano Cast

  15. Photo of Tony Sperandeo

    Tony Sperandeo Cast

  16. Photo of Guia Jelo

    Guia Jelo Cast

  17. Photo of Eva Henger

    Eva Henger Cast

  18. Photo of Francesca Nunzi

    Francesca Nunzi Cast

  19. Photo of Giulia Weber

    Giulia Weber Cast

  20. Photo of Max Giusti

    Max Giusti Cast

  21. Photo of Alessandra Costanzo

    Alessandra Costanzo Cast

  22. Photo of Antonio Allocca

    Antonio Allocca Cast

  23. Photo of Luca Montanari

    Luca Montanari Editing

  24. Photo of Tonino Zera

    Tonino Zera Production Design

  25. Photo of Germano Mazzocchetti

    Germano Mazzocchetti Music

  26. Photo of Gianna Gissi

    Gianna Gissi Costume Design