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  1. Photo of Margaret Corkery

    Margaret Corkery Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Seamus Byrne

    Seamus Byrne Producer

  3. Photo of David Grennan

    David Grennan Cinematography

  4. Photo of Miriam Ingram

    Miriam Ingram Music

  5. Photo of Colin J. Morris

    Colin J. Morris Music

  6. Photo of Robert Donnelly

    Robert Donnelly Cast

  7. Photo of Muireann Bird

    Muireann Bird Cast

  8. Photo of Mary Murray

    Mary Murray Cast

  9. Photo of Darren Healy

    Darren Healy Cast

  10. Photo of Phyllis MacMahon

    Phyllis MacMahon Cast

  11. Photo of Aliaz Moufid

    Aliaz Moufid Cast

  12. Photo of Amy Kirwan

    Amy Kirwan Cast

  13. Photo of Keith Buggy

    Keith Buggy Cast

  14. Photo of Luke Dalton

    Luke Dalton Cast

  15. Photo of Mairead McIvor

    Mairead McIvor Editing

  16. Photo of Paki Smith

    Paki Smith Production Design

  17. Photo of Jon Stevenson

    Jon Stevenson Sound