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  1. Photo of Şerban Marinescu

    Şerban Marinescu Director

  2. Photo of Marin Preda

    Marin Preda Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ștefan Iordache

    Ștefan Iordache Cast

  4. Photo of Gheorghe Dinică

    Gheorghe Dinică Cast

  5. Photo of Dorel Visan

    Dorel Visan Cast

  6. Photo of Maia Morgenstern

    Maia Morgenstern Cast

  7. Photo of Tora Vasilescu

    Tora Vasilescu Cast

  8. Photo of Mircea Albulescu

    Mircea Albulescu Cast

  9. Photo of Valentin Uritescu

    Valentin Uritescu Cast

  10. Photo of Victor Rebengiuc

    Victor Rebengiuc Cast

  11. Photo of George Constantin

    George Constantin Cast

  12. Photo of Mariana Mihuţ

    Mariana Mihuţ Cast

  13. Photo of Ileana Predescu

    Ileana Predescu Cast

  14. Photo of Mitica Popescu

    Mitica Popescu Cast

  15. Photo of Ion Fiscuteanu

    Ion Fiscuteanu Cast

  16. Photo of Colea Rautu

    Colea Rautu Cast

  17. Photo of Nino Anghel

    Nino Anghel Cast

  18. Photo of Ștefan Bănică

    Ștefan Bănică Cast

  19. Photo of Marius Stanescu

    Marius Stanescu Cast

  20. Photo of Bujor Macrin

    Bujor Macrin Cast

  21. Photo of Valentin Mihali

    Valentin Mihali Cast

  22. Photo of Aristide Teica

    Aristide Teica Cast

  23. Photo of George Negoescu

    George Negoescu Cast