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  1. Photo of Daniel Espinosa

    Daniel Espinosa Director

  2. Photo of Maria Karlsson

    Maria Karlsson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jens Lapidus

    Jens Lapidus Screenplay

  4. Photo of Michael Hjorth

    Michael Hjorth Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Fredrik Wikström

    Fredrik Wikström Producer

  6. Photo of Aril Wretblad

    Aril Wretblad Cinematography

  7. Photo of Theis Schmidt

    Theis Schmidt Editing

  8. Photo of Roger Rosenberg

    Roger Rosenberg Production Design

  9. Photo of Jon Ekstrand

    Jon Ekstrand Sound, Music

  10. Photo of Josef Tuulse

    Josef Tuulse Sound

  11. Photo of Joel Kinnaman

    Joel Kinnaman Cast

  12. Photo of Matias Padin

    Matias Padin Cast

  13. Photo of Dragomir Mrsić

    Dragomir Mrsić Cast

  14. Photo of Lisa Henni

    Lisa Henni Cast

  15. Photo of Mahmut Suvakci

    Mahmut Suvakci Cast

  16. Photo of Jones Danko

    Jones Danko Cast

  17. Photo of Lea Stojanov

    Lea Stojanov Cast

  18. Photo of Dejan Cukić

    Dejan Cukić Cast