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  1. Photo of Ang Lee

    Ang Lee Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of James Schamus

    James Schamus Screenplay

  3. Photo of Wang Hui-Ling

    Wang Hui-Ling Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kong Hsu

    Kong Hsu Producer

  5. Photo of Hsu Li-Kong

    Hsu Li-Kong Producer

  6. Photo of Mader

    Mader Music

  7. Photo of Jong Lin

    Jong Lin Cinematography

  8. Photo of Lung Sihung

    Lung Sihung Cast

  9. Photo of Wang Yu-Wen

    Wang Yu-Wen Cast

  10. Photo of Wu Chien-lien

    Wu Chien-lien Cast

  11. Photo of Yang Kuei-Mei

    Yang Kuei-Mei Cast

  12. Photo of Sylvia Chang

    Sylvia Chang Cast

  13. Photo of Jiang Feng-Chyt

    Jiang Feng-Chyt Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Tim Squyres

    Tim Squyres Editing

  15. Photo of Lee Fu-hsiung

    Lee Fu-hsiung Production Design

  16. Photo of Steve Hamilton

    Steve Hamilton Sound