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  1. Photo of Gabriele Muccino

    Gabriele Muccino Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Andrea Garello

    Andrea Garello Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nicola Alvau

    Nicola Alvau Screenplay

  4. Photo of Giorgio Pasotti

    Giorgio Pasotti Cast

  5. Photo of Barbora Bobulova

    Barbora Bobulova Cast

  6. Photo of Claudio Santamaria

    Claudio Santamaria Cast

  7. Photo of Enrico Silvestrin

    Enrico Silvestrin Cast

  8. Photo of Gigio Alberti

    Gigio Alberti Cast

  9. Photo of Ginevra Colonna

    Ginevra Colonna Cast

  10. Photo of Piero Natoli

    Piero Natoli Cast

  11. Photo of Antonello Grimaldi

    Antonello Grimaldi Cast and Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Pietro Bertone

    Pietro Bertone Cast

  13. Photo of Sergio Rubini

    Sergio Rubini Cast

  14. Photo of Paolo Gasparini

    Paolo Gasparini Cast

  15. Photo of Gisella Burinato

    Gisella Burinato Cast

  16. Photo of Adele Ceraudo

    Adele Ceraudo Cast

  17. Photo of Blas Roca-Rey

    Blas Roca-Rey Cast

  18. Photo of Anita Laurenzi

    Anita Laurenzi Cast

  19. Photo of Stefano Abbati

    Stefano Abbati Cast

  20. Photo of Mauro Marino

    Mauro Marino Cast

  21. Photo of Luigia Aristodemo

    Luigia Aristodemo Cast

  22. Photo of Luca Zanchi

    Luca Zanchi Cast

  23. Photo of Vittorio Duse

    Vittorio Duse Cast

  24. Photo of Federico Zanchini

    Federico Zanchini Cast

  25. Photo of Arnaldo Catinari

    Arnaldo Catinari Cinematography

  26. Photo of Paolo Buonvino

    Paolo Buonvino Music

  27. Photo of Eugenia F. Di Napoli

    Eugenia F. Di Napoli Production Design

  28. Photo of Domenico Procacci

    Domenico Procacci Producer

  29. Photo of Francesco Nardello

    Francesco Nardello Producer

  30. Photo of Anouk Andaloro

    Anouk Andaloro Producer

  31. Photo of Gianluca Arcopinto

    Gianluca Arcopinto Producer

  32. Photo of Claudio Di Mauro

    Claudio Di Mauro Editing

  33. Photo of Antonella Cannarozzi

    Antonella Cannarozzi Costume Design