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  1. Photo of Sergio Corbucci

    Sergio Corbucci Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Giuseppe Catalano

    Giuseppe Catalano Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sabatino Ciuffini

    Sabatino Ciuffini Screenplay

  4. Photo of Adriano Celentano

    Adriano Celentano Cast

  5. Photo of Renato Pozzetto

    Renato Pozzetto Cast

  6. Photo of Barbara Bach

    Barbara Bach Cast

  7. Photo of Capucine

    Capucine Cast

  8. Photo of Georges Wilson

    Georges Wilson Cast

  9. Photo of Antonio Casagrande

    Antonio Casagrande Cast

  10. Photo of Giuliana Calandra

    Giuliana Calandra Cast

  11. Photo of Felice Andreasi

    Felice Andreasi Cast

  12. Photo of Franca Marzi

    Franca Marzi Cast

  13. Photo of Imma Piro

    Imma Piro Cast

  14. Photo of Paola Arduini

    Paola Arduini Cast

  15. Photo of Maria Bernardi

    Maria Bernardi Cast

  16. Photo of Salvatore Borghese

    Salvatore Borghese Cast

  17. Photo of Elio Crovetto

    Elio Crovetto Cast

  18. Photo of Rodolfo Magnaghi

    Rodolfo Magnaghi Cast

  19. Photo of Giuseppe Rotunno

    Giuseppe Rotunno Cinematography

  20. Photo of Danny B. Besquet

    Danny B. Besquet Music

  21. Photo of Vince Tempera

    Vince Tempera Music

  22. Photo of Andrea Crisanti

    Andrea Crisanti Production Design

  23. Photo of Achille Manzotti

    Achille Manzotti Producer

  24. Photo of Sergio Montanari

    Sergio Montanari Editing