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  1. Photo of Arild Kristo

    Arild Kristo Director, Screenplay, Cinematography, Music, Editing

  2. Photo of Sverre Horge

    Sverre Horge Cast

  3. Photo of Yvonne Sparrbåge

    Yvonne Sparrbåge Cast

  4. Photo of Per-Axel Arosenius

    Per-Axel Arosenius Cast

  5. Photo of Henry Bon

    Henry Bon Cast

  6. Photo of Edel Eckblad

    Edel Eckblad Cast

  7. Photo of Lauritz Falk

    Lauritz Falk Cast

  8. Photo of Ewert Granholm

    Ewert Granholm Cast

  9. Photo of Inga Gustafsson

    Inga Gustafsson Cast

  10. Photo of Reidar Jamvold

    Reidar Jamvold Cast

  11. Photo of Sossen Krohg

    Sossen Krohg Cast

  12. Photo of Lars Lennartsson

    Lars Lennartsson Cast

  13. Photo of Claude Robin

    Claude Robin Cast

  14. Photo of André P. Vaillot

    André P. Vaillot Cast

  15. Photo of Inger Domeij

    Inger Domeij Costume Design