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  1. Photo of Michael Hofmann

    Michael Hofmann Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Christian Colmorgen

    Christian Colmorgen Producer

  3. Photo of Frank Evers

    Frank Evers Producer

  4. Photo of Uli Herrmann

    Uli Herrmann Producer

  5. Photo of Andi Huber

    Andi Huber Producer

  6. Photo of Michael Jungfleisch

    Michael Jungfleisch Producer

  7. Photo of Lilian Räber

    Lilian Räber Producer

  8. Photo of Peter Reichenbach

    Peter Reichenbach Producer

  9. Photo of Claudia Simionescu

    Claudia Simionescu Producer

  10. Photo of Volker Uri

    Volker Uri Producer

  11. Photo of Jutta Pohlmann

    Jutta Pohlmann Cinematography

  12. Photo of Josef Ostendorf

    Josef Ostendorf Cast

  13. Photo of Charlotte Roche

    Charlotte Roche Cast

  14. Photo of Uta Zech

    Uta Zech Cast

  15. Photo of Devid Striesow

    Devid Striesow Cast

  16. Photo of Wioletta Breskic

    Wioletta Breskic Cast

  17. Photo of Isabel Meier

    Isabel Meier Editing

  18. Photo of Bernhard Wiesner

    Bernhard Wiesner Editing

  19. Photo of Jörg Prinz

    Jörg Prinz Production Design

  20. Photo of Christoph Kaiser

    Christoph Kaiser Music

  21. Photo of Julian Maas

    Julian Maas Music

  22. Photo of Carol Luchetta

    Carol Luchetta Costume Design

  23. Photo of Max Rüdlinger

    Max Rüdlinger Cast

  24. Photo of Leonie Stepp

    Leonie Stepp Cast

  25. Photo of Roeland Wiesnekker

    Roeland Wiesnekker Cast

  26. Photo of Manfred Zapatka

    Manfred Zapatka Cast

  27. Photo of Hildegard Kuhlenberg

    Hildegard Kuhlenberg Cast