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  1. João Martins's rating of the film Eden

    A fictional fim about the rising and declining of the so-called "French Touch" that had it's peak on Daft Punk duo. The story of an innovative, emerging musical genre thought the story of Paul, which is the weakest thing about the film.

  2. Doe Deer's rating of the film Eden

    we come to watch the characters grow into their older selves and understand the deflation of the initial ecstasy and euphoria of both their individual and collective lives as we travel through the evolution of the french house scene, guided by their interactions between each other and their dreams and an energetic soundtrack

  3. Ricardo Branco's rating of the film Eden

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  6. DSPRKY's rating of the film Eden

    Subtle. As with L'avenir, I get the sense that Hansen-Løve is intimately familiar with her subject-matter. In some ways this feels like a spiritual sequel to Stillman's The Last Days of Disco (although that's still the better film).

  7. opandadodavid's rating of the film Eden

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  9. MONSIEURDE's rating of the film Eden

  10. Raymond Likes Subtitles's rating of the film Eden

    Overlong. Greta Gerwig and Daft Punk can't overcome the general flatness.

  11. camille's rating of the film Eden

  12. arlinda's rating of the film Eden

    Mia Hansen-Love's films are all about the arc from euphoria to melancholy, from youth to maturity, from emotional flight and the comedown, from living to dying. It's the cycle of the inevitable, but she does it with such patience and precision. She must be an old vampire.

  13. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Eden

    Eden no es un filme para aspirantes a DJ ni tampoco apunta a convertirse en un manual histórico sobre este género musical. Como en todas las películas realizadas por Hansen Love, sus relatos obedecen a un personaje inmerso a su temporalidad y generación, y cómo este va lidiando con triunfos y asperezas. La trama es cual línea de tiempo. Es la historia sobre éxitos, frustraciones, toques de fondo y rehabilitaciones.

  14. Dan's rating of the film Eden

    The soundtrack is gorgeous but Hansen-Love uses time and music in an especially wonderful way. On its surface, the narrative is simple and direct but, she so skillfully marries them to emphasize the film's euphoria/ melancholia as the years zoom past. The final star comes from her pitch perfect portrayal of the misery and joy that follow a big night out.

  15.'s rating of the film Eden

    Paul (Félix de Givry) beschreibt den Sound, der ihm mit Quentin vorschwebt für ihr gemeinsames Projekt "Cheers": Zwischen euphorisch und melancholisch soll es klingen, eine Mischung aus Soul und Maschinen. Ungefähr so klingt auch Mia Hansen-Loves vierter Film, der eintaucht in die "French House" Szene der 90er... mehr auf

  16. LauraPalmer's rating of the film Eden

  17. Hyperion_333's rating of the film Eden

    Might've been more going on under the surface but I did not have the patience for it. Charmless.

  18. Mauricio Mariano Jacoby Muniz's rating of the film Eden

  19. adrianonannini's rating of the film Eden

    "light at the opening, dark at the closing". Not really a good movie, but an excellent story about getting old and knowing when to turn the music off. Party scenes from Paris-mid90s are worth an extra star.

  20. Ivana Okretić's rating of the film Eden

    Možda da se ubio na kraju, ali ni to ne bi izvuklo film.

  21. ig_____or's rating of the film Eden

    My main issue with "Eden" is that characters and our connection with them only seem to exist between all those club scenes and great music, so there wasn't enough intimacy for me to truly care about Cyril's suicide, Louise's troubled personality or even Paul's downward spiral. Less parties and a little more feeling would have taken it one step further. But as a fan of french house, that soundtrack was everything.

  22. Daniel Roque's rating of the film Eden

    A bit like house music through the years, the rhythm of the characters changes through the movie: while in the 1990s they're fresh, hip and unconcerned, they slowly fade into generality and tiredness as the 2000s arrive. Worthy by its soundtrack, the movie is unfortunately dragged to oblivion, resembling the main character Paul, the DJ wannabe.

  23. Ebru Yörükoğlu's rating of the film Eden

    life is music, and music is life..3,6

  24. Yoyis Lopez Bravo's rating of the film Eden

    La película me gusta por el uso atrevido de colores, que van cambiando a lo largo de la historia pero funcionan muy bien con lo que se está contando y que contrastan muy bien con la oscuridad de la noche Además como se fusiona la fotografía con la música y la historia y los diferentes movimientos de cámara funcionan también muy bien con la historia.

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