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  1. Photo of Nikos Panayotopoulos

    Nikos Panayotopoulos Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Hristos Vakalopoulos

    Hristos Vakalopoulos Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nikos Kouris

    Nikos Kouris Cast

  4. Photo of Athina Maximou

    Athina Maximou Cast

  5. Photo of Zoe Nalbanti

    Zoe Nalbanti Cast

  6. Photo of Kostas Markopoulos

    Kostas Markopoulos Cast

  7. Photo of Thanasis Viskadourakis

    Thanasis Viskadourakis Cast

  8. Photo of Giannis Rozakis

    Giannis Rozakis Cast

  9. Photo of George Dialegmenos

    George Dialegmenos Cast

  10. Photo of Thanos Alexandris

    Thanos Alexandris Cast and Screenplay

  11. Photo of Aris Stavrou

    Aris Stavrou Cinematography

  12. Photo of Stamatis Kraounakis

    Stamatis Kraounakis Music

  13. Photo of Ioanna Spiliopoulou

    Ioanna Spiliopoulou Editing

  14. Photo of Marinos Athanassopoulos

    Marinos Athanassopoulos Sound

  15. Photo of Vangelis Papadopoulos

    Vangelis Papadopoulos Sound

  16. Photo of Kostas Varybopiotis

    Kostas Varybopiotis Sound

  17. Photo of Marianna Spanoudakis

    Marianna Spanoudakis Costume Design