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  1. Photo of Henryk Golebiewski

    Henryk Golebiewski Cast

  2. Photo of Jacek Braciak

    Jacek Braciak Cast

  3. Photo of Jacek Lenartowicz

    Jacek Lenartowicz Cast

  4. Photo of Grzegorz Stelmaszewski

    Grzegorz Stelmaszewski Cast

  5. Photo of Aleksandra Kisio

    Aleksandra Kisio Cast

  6. Photo of Dominik Bak

    Dominik Bak Cast

  7. Photo of Malgorzata Flegel-Siedler

    Malgorzata Flegel-Siedler Cast

  8. Photo of Tomasz Jarosz

    Tomasz Jarosz Cast

  9. Photo of Wojciech Lepianka

    Wojciech Lepianka Screenplay

  10. Photo of Piotr Trzaskalski

    Piotr Trzaskalski Screenplay, Director

  11. Photo of Piotr Dzieciol

    Piotr Dzieciol Producer

  12. Photo of Wojciech Lemanski

    Wojciech Lemanski Music

  13. Photo of Krzysztof Ptak

    Krzysztof Ptak Cinematography

  14. Photo of Cezary Kowalczuk

    Cezary Kowalczuk Editing

  15. Photo of Wojciech Zogala

    Wojciech Zogala Production Design

  16. Photo of Stefan Rola

    Stefan Rola Cast

  17. Photo of Ryszard Anyszkiewicz

    Ryszard Anyszkiewicz Cast

  18. Photo of Dariusz Walor

    Dariusz Walor Cast

  19. Photo of Maria Maj

    Maria Maj Cast

  20. Photo of Boguslaw Plaszynski

    Boguslaw Plaszynski Cast