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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Superfrog's rating of the film Edith Walks

    Visually interesting in parts, not a gripping stroll through a story though.

  2. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Edith Walks

    An amusing walk through some history and discussion of lore, Edith Walks is unusual and more of an art piece than an effective film. It is, however, an art piece that I appreciated, even if I didn't fully enjoy the experience.

  3. McOpinionated's rating of the film Edith Walks

    About as boring and revealing of history or human nature as a bunch of suits chatting over global-brand coffee about, oh, their lawn-mowers and the contraflow they negotiated to get to their 1960s officeblock, or their pensions or mobile phones. Psycho-geography is not rendered into a good film ("rich" and "provocative"?!) just cos the film-makers aim NOT to be boring and mainstream. Sorry I'm so rude. 1* for trying.

  4. P D Dawson's rating of the film Edith Walks

    Absolutely beautiful film that comes across as both intellectual and poetic. Part documentary, part art film, Kötting manages to juggle the two effortlessly into a sumptuous whole. The film follows six people as they take on a pilgrimage walk re-connecting the two lovers, Edith Swan Neck and the mythical King Harold. Beautifully shot, with eccentric camera angles and filtered images. Poetry in motion, a must see!

  5. IanTaylor's rating of the film Edith Walks

    In turns an intriguing and a frustrating film. Captivated both by the story of Edith and the voice of the torch singer, Claudia, both of which I need to hear more. The film itself however is a journey that never really seems to arrive at its intended destination, some of the stopping off points are delightful, others a little more pointless. Overall, at an hour a little gem, though more would have had me turning off

  6. guillaume's rating of the film Edith Walks

    Haunting film, very creative camera and soundtrack on the spot.

  7. Edward Morris's rating of the film Edith Walks

    Oh to be in England now that England's here

  8. marxsbeard's rating of the film Edith Walks

    any more than an hour and the capering might have bothered me but this is a lovely bit of geographic shaggydoggery. kinda feel it might have made a better record than film though...

  9. Richard Stopford's rating of the film Edith Walks

    Iain Sinclair and Alan Moore reminate in lo-fi about history, and the English cultural/geographical pscyhe. veering between the interesting to nonsense. The main problem was the film failed to get me to care about its themes and narrative. However, the aesthetic affects of the film were surprisingly compelling: moments of amazing beauty, particularly involving Barton's singing, and her walking along a beach.

  10. 'king Harold's rating of the film Edith Walks

    I am biased - I am King Harold and I have lived and died and lived again upon the dunes of Hythe. Anyway, we need a more playful Beuys, Barney or Jarman and now we do. I saw Alan Moore and Ian Sinclair speak of psycho geography and Moores book Jerusalem last week in East Sussex. I shall read it forthwith.