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  1. Zach Closs's rating of the film Edmond

    It's troubled, dated, and sometimes hindered by uninspired cinematography; still, I couldn't look away. Nearly every performance is brave, unhinged and compelling. Mamet's insights into the peculiarities and ironies of sex as a transaction, racist WASP ideologies, and the fragility of masculinity are nothing new, but their no-holds-barred presentation here is provocative.

  2. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Edmond

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film Edmond

    Une étonnante interprétation du toujours excellent William H. Macy, qui porte à lui seul le film sur ses épaules et ses états d'âme, avec une maîtrise et une "folle" assurance indéniables. Hélas, l'oeuvre manque de souffle, finissant par se consumer dans ses propres limites, restant lourdement centrée sur un cas particulier "maladif" au lieu d'élargir son propos.

  4. Thomas's rating of the film Edmond

    Not one of Mamet's better scripts.

  5. Fabio Nosotti's rating of the film Edmond

  6. Francesco Tonelli's rating of the film Edmond

    It could have been great if it was more ambitious. Like this it's just shallow and ordinary.

  7. Zachary Curl's rating of the film Edmond

    i wish i could give half stars or no stars; this was a horrible movie, and i really wanted it to be good. William H Macy isn't a tremendous actor to begin with, but i feel like it takes a certain caliber of actor to deliver Mamet's lines (which are often a bit hammy already) well. also, it was just a garbage script. it should have been a private conversation, not a movie.

  8. Pierluigi Puccini's rating of the film Edmond

    William H. Macy plays with brilliance another lonely wanderer of the night, tired of his pathetic existence. if only Stuart Gordon had more talent behind the cameras, and the photography wasn't that "shiny". In the end, it's uneven, and the violence a bit cartoonish, but the strength of the piece is, of course, Mamet's dialogue and edgy situations, always compelling and deeply moralistic.