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  1. Photo of Peter Watkins

    Peter Watkins Director, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Geir Westby

    Geir Westby Cast

  3. Photo of Gro Fraas

    Gro Fraas Cast

  4. Photo of Eric Allum

    Eric Allum Cast

  5. Photo of Åmund Berge

    Åmund Berge Cast

  6. Photo of Kjersti Allum

    Kjersti Allum Cast

  7. Photo of Susan Troldmyr

    Susan Troldmyr Cast

  8. Photo of Ragnvald Caspari

    Ragnvald Caspari Cast

  9. Photo of Katja Pedersen

    Katja Pedersen Cast

  10. Photo of Hjørdis Ulriksen

    Hjørdis Ulriksen Cast

  11. Photo of Inger Berit Oland

    Inger Berit Oland Cast

  12. Photo of Camilla Falk

    Camilla Falk Cast

  13. Photo of Erik Kristiansen

    Erik Kristiansen Cast

  14. Photo of Anne Marie Dæhli

    Anne Marie Dæhli Cast

  15. Photo of Johan Halsbog

    Johan Halsbog Cast

  16. Photo of Gro Jarto

    Gro Jarto Cast

  17. Photo of Lotte Teig

    Lotte Teig Cast

  18. Photo of Rachel Pedersen

    Rachel Pedersen Cast

  19. Photo of Berit Rytter Hasle

    Berit Rytter Hasle Cast

  20. Photo of Gunnar Skjetne

    Gunnar Skjetne Cast

  21. Photo of Vigdis Nilssen

    Vigdis Nilssen Cast

  22. Photo of Hans Jæger

    Hans Jæger Cast

  23. Photo of Kåre Stormark

    Kåre Stormark Cast

  24. Photo of Alf Kåre Strindberg

    Alf Kåre Strindberg Cast

  25. Photo of Iselin von Hanno Bast

    Iselin von Hanno Bast Cast

  26. Photo of Ladislaw Rezniĉek

    Ladislaw Rezniĉek Cast

  27. Photo of Anders Ekman

    Anders Ekman Cast

  28. Photo of Christer Fredberg

    Christer Fredberg Cast

  29. Photo of Kai Olshausen

    Kai Olshausen Cast

  30. Photo of Hans Erich Lampl

    Hans Erich Lampl Cast

  31. Photo of Dieter Kriszat

    Dieter Kriszat Cast

  32. Photo of Peter Saul

    Peter Saul Cast

  33. Photo of Merete Jørgensen

    Merete Jørgensen Cast

  34. Photo of Einar Henning Smedby

    Einar Henning Smedby Cast

  35. Photo of Odd-Geir Sæther

    Odd-Geir Sæther Cinematography

  36. Photo of Grethe Hejer

    Grethe Hejer Production Design

  37. Photo of Bjørn Hansen

    Bjørn Hansen Sound

  38. Photo of Åsmund Huser

    Åsmund Huser Sound

  39. Photo of Kenneth Storm-Hansen

    Kenneth Storm-Hansen Sound