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  1. Photo of Derek Jarman

    Derek Jarman Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Simon Curtis

    Simon Curtis Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Sarah Radclyffe

    Sarah Radclyffe Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Steve Clark-Hall

    Steve Clark-Hall Producer

  5. Photo of Antony Root

    Antony Root Producer

  6. Photo of Christopher Marlowe

    Christopher Marlowe Screenplay

  7. Photo of Stephen McBride

    Stephen McBride Screenplay

  8. Photo of Ken Butler

    Ken Butler Screenplay

  9. Photo of Ian Wilson

    Ian Wilson Cinematography

  10. Photo of Steven Waddington

    Steven Waddington Cast

  11. Photo of Tilda Swinton

    Tilda Swinton Cast

  12. Photo of Kevin Collins

    Kevin Collins Cast

  13. Photo of Andrew Tiernan

    Andrew Tiernan Cast

  14. Photo of John Lynch

    John Lynch Cast

  15. Photo of Dudley Sutton

    Dudley Sutton Cast

  16. Photo of Jerome Flynn

    Jerome Flynn Cast

  17. Photo of Jody Graber

    Jody Graber Cast

  18. Photo of Nigel Terry

    Nigel Terry Cast

  19. Photo of Annie Lennox

    Annie Lennox Cast

  20. Photo of Nigel Charnock

    Nigel Charnock Cast

  21. Photo of George Akers

    George Akers Editing

  22. Photo of Christopher Hobbs

    Christopher Hobbs Production Design

  23. Photo of Simon Fisher-Turner

    Simon Fisher-Turner Music

  24. Photo of Sandy Powell

    Sandy Powell Costume Design

  25. Photo of Allan Corduner

    Allan Corduner Cast

  26. Photo of Takashi Asai

    Takashi Asai Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Billy McCarthy

    Billy McCarthy Sound

  28. Photo of George Richards

    George Richards Sound

  29. Photo of Lloyd Newson

    Lloyd Newson Cast