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  1. Photo of Alice Nellis

    Alice Nellis Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Iva Janžurová

    Iva Janžurová Cast

  3. Photo of Leos Sucharípa

    Leos Sucharípa Cast

  4. Photo of Theodora Remundová

    Theodora Remundová Cast

  5. Photo of Eva Holubová

    Eva Holubová Cast

  6. Photo of Vladimír Javorský

    Vladimír Javorský Cast

  7. Photo of Martina Musilová

    Martina Musilová Cast

  8. Photo of Jana Janzurová

    Jana Janzurová Cast

  9. Photo of Ladislav Klepal

    Ladislav Klepal Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Jaskow

    Robert Jaskow Cast

  11. Photo of Petr Lébl

    Petr Lébl Cast

  12. Photo of Viktorie Knotková

    Viktorie Knotková Cast

  13. Photo of Karel Klusácek

    Karel Klusácek Cast

  14. Photo of Lukás Máslo

    Lukás Máslo Cast

  15. Photo of Zuzana Víznerová

    Zuzana Víznerová Cast

  16. Photo of Petr Slápota

    Petr Slápota Cast

  17. Photo of Eva Leimbergerová

    Eva Leimbergerová Cast

  18. Photo of Lena Tajerova

    Lena Tajerova Cast

  19. Photo of Ramūnas Greičius

    Ramūnas Greičius Cinematography

  20. Photo of Pavel Sodomka

    Pavel Sodomka Producer

  21. Photo of Klara Bukovska

    Klara Bukovska Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Josef Valusiak

    Josef Valusiak Editing