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  1. Victor Morosoff's rating of the film Egg

  2. Absentia's rating of the film Egg

    4.5 La trilogia di Kaplanoglu rappresenta uno dei motivi per cui amo follemente l' arte cinematografica. Tre visioni tanto ermetiche, simboliche, quanto poetiche e umane e...catartiche. Tre opere che parlano agli occhi attraverso potenti suggestioni immaginifiche, e, soprattutto, al cuore.

  3. Juan D.'s rating of the film Egg

  4. vordven's rating of the film Egg

  5. Mehmet Ali Karar's rating of the film Egg

  6. Ashley Shen Y J's rating of the film Egg

  7. Burcu's rating of the film Egg

    “şiir söylemekten ziyade bir susma işidir” Tanpınar

  8. Rman's rating of the film Egg

    after watching this great movie I`m whole-heartedly looking forward to following the rest of Semih Kaplanoğlu`s films, especially "Milk" & "Honey".

  9. Ecpln's rating of the film Egg

    Yusuf’s “story” is built upon long shots which enrich the spectator’s eye thus s/he is invited to meditate. The story that is woven in the film narrates the journey of Yusuf to his soul in a well-contoured form. The hatred for mother and provincial boredom hidden in the spirit go out from the “well” in the darkness of the night.

  10. Sancar Seckiner's rating of the film Egg

    The first film of poet Yusuf Triology. Other two is Sut-Milk and Bal-Honey. My fav. one is Milk.

  11. meth_'s rating of the film Egg

    Potentially boring to some, but the quiet is comfortable and it feels fragile in all the right ways.

  12. Emery Snyder's rating of the film Egg

    Turkish Garden State is waaaaay better than Turkish Spiderman...

  13. Vlad's rating of the film Egg

    A quiet piece, the atmosphere it creates is consistent in regard to the narrative, photography, soundscape and performances. It was like being inside a haystack

  14. gencorkun's rating of the film Egg

    This movie is definitely a favorite for many yet for me it was... Alright. That was pretty much it. I had some very good company while I am watching it, which made it easy to endure some very slow moments. Still, I will wait until I complete the triology for a final review.

  15. lemonsticks's rating of the film Egg

    very refreshing to watch film while nature compose the soundtrack...