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  1. Photo of Achim Bornhak

    Achim Bornhak Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Olaf Kraemer

    Olaf Kraemer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dagmar Benke

    Dagmar Benke Screenplay

  4. Photo of Claus Peter Hant

    Claus Peter Hant Screenplay

  5. Photo of Uschi Obermaier

    Uschi Obermaier Screenplay

  6. Photo of Natalia Avelon

    Natalia Avelon Cast

  7. Photo of David Scheller

    David Scheller Cast

  8. Photo of Matthias Schweighöfer

    Matthias Schweighöfer Cast

  9. Photo of Friederike Kempter

    Friederike Kempter Cast

  10. Photo of Alexander Scheer

    Alexander Scheer Cast

  11. Photo of Victor Norén

    Victor Norén Cast

  12. Photo of Milan Perschel

    Milan Perschel Cast

  13. Photo of Georg Friedrich

    Georg Friedrich Cast

  14. Photo of Inga Busch

    Inga Busch Cast

  15. Photo of Petra Berndt

    Petra Berndt Cast

  16. Photo of Benjamin Dernbecher

    Benjamin Dernbecher Cinematography

  17. Photo of Alexander Hacke

    Alexander Hacke Music

  18. Photo of Eduard Krajewski

    Eduard Krajewski Production Design

  19. Photo of Dietmar Güntsche

    Dietmar Güntsche Producer

  20. Photo of Eberhard Junkersdorf

    Eberhard Junkersdorf Producer

  21. Photo of Wolfgang Behr

    Wolfgang Behr Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Peter Przygodda

    Peter Przygodda Editing

  23. Photo of Sebastian Schultz

    Sebastian Schultz Editing