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  1. carlo tagliazucca's rating of the film Either Way

  2. Emily's rating of the film Either Way

    A little too short-felt like a a snippet of a bigger story. I enjoyed it but I can see why David Gordon Green expanded on its characters and stories a bit and gave it a touch more warmth in the remake, Prince Avalanche.

  3. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Either Way

    With bucolic landscapes in background to compose the delicate cinematography, “Either Way” won my appreciation for all its simplicity. Review and Rating:

  4. Matt Richards's rating of the film Either Way

    This simple little film of men and their wants and needs set against the barren landscape or rural Iceland has several lovely, honest moments of writing and is also a nice subtle musing on Judgement. It doesn't really elevate itself enough to become truly memorable however nor develop enough story-wise. 2.5 stars

  5. Gillo Sartori's rating of the film Either Way

    In Iceland it wasn't a box office success, maybe too much different then other national feature film. Best Film at Torino Film Festival and probably it was. Simple, cheap, amazing; a good young director. Is there anyone who knows the title of its icelandic songs?