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  1. Photo of Tom Clegg

    Tom Clegg Director

  2. Photo of Brian Parker

    Brian Parker Director

  3. Photo of Robert Gabriel

    Robert Gabriel Director

  4. Photo of Tim Sullivan

    Tim Sullivan Director

  5. Photo of Robert Tronson

    Robert Tronson Director

  6. Photo of Lawrence Gordon Clark

    Lawrence Gordon Clark Director

  7. Photo of Richard Spence

    Richard Spence Director

  8. Photo of Baz Taylor

    Baz Taylor Director

  9. Photo of William Brayne

    William Brayne Director

  10. Photo of Chris Kelly

    Chris Kelly Screenplay

  11. Photo of Iain Roy

    Iain Roy Screenplay

  12. Photo of Jimmy McGovern

    Jimmy McGovern Screenplay

  13. Photo of Paul W.S. Anderson

    Paul W.S. Anderson Screenplay

  14. Photo of Bill Gallagher

    Bill Gallagher Screenplay

  15. Photo of Rod Beacham

    Rod Beacham Screenplay

  16. Photo of Alan Clews

    Alan Clews Screenplay

  17. Photo of Joe Ainsworth

    Joe Ainsworth Screenplay

  18. Photo of Brian Finch

    Brian Finch Screenplay

  19. Photo of Alan Whiting

    Alan Whiting Screenplay

  20. Photo of John Bird

    John Bird Cast

  21. Photo of Alfred Molina

    Alfred Molina Cast

  22. Photo of Amanda Redman

    Amanda Redman Cast

  23. Photo of Kenneth Cranham

    Kenneth Cranham Cast

  24. Photo of Tony Haygarth

    Tony Haygarth Cast

  25. Photo of Simón Andreu

    Simón Andreu Cast

  26. Photo of Donald Churchill

    Donald Churchill Cast

  27. Photo of Viviane Vives

    Viviane Vives Cast

  28. Photo of Paul Brooke

    Paul Brooke Cast

  29. Photo of Michael B. Poppley

    Michael B. Poppley Cinematography

  30. Photo of David Head

    David Head Cinematography

  31. Photo of Mike Moran

    Mike Moran Music

  32. Photo of Matthew Bird

    Matthew Bird Producer

  33. Photo of Sally Head

    Sally Head Executive Producer

  34. Photo of David Plowright

    David Plowright Executive Producer