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  1. Photo of Pedro Adorno

    Pedro Adorno Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Emilio Rodríguez

    Emilio Rodríguez Screenplay, Producer Director

  3. Photo of Israel Lugo

    Israel Lugo Cast

  4. Photo of Cathy Vigo

    Cathy Vigo Cast

  5. Photo of Marcos Mazo

    Marcos Mazo Cast

  6. Photo of Jaime Bello

    Jaime Bello Cast

  7. Photo of Ernesto Concepción

    Ernesto Concepción Cast

  8. Photo of Jessica Rodríguez

    Jessica Rodríguez Cast

  9. Photo of Mario Edgardo Roche

    Mario Edgardo Roche Cast

  10. Photo of Luis Antonio Cosme

    Luis Antonio Cosme Cast

  11. Photo of Luz María Rondón

    Luz María Rondón Cast

  12. Photo of Gabriel Coss

    Gabriel Coss Cinematography and Editing

  13. Photo of Omar Silva

    Omar Silva Music

  14. Photo of Joel Látimer

    Joel Látimer Sound

  15. Photo of Walter Santaliz

    Walter Santaliz Sound