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  1. Photo of Edgar Neville

    Edgar Neville Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Manuel Luna

    Manuel Luna Cast

  3. Photo of Mary Delgado

    Mary Delgado Cast

  4. Photo of Antonia Plana

    Antonia Plana Cast

  5. Photo of Julia Lajos

    Julia Lajos Cast

  6. Photo of Rafael Calvo

    Rafael Calvo Cast

  7. Photo of José Prada

    José Prada Cast

  8. Photo of José Franco

    José Franco Cast

  9. Photo of Julia Pachelo

    Julia Pachelo Cast

  10. Photo of Alfonso Cuadrado

    Alfonso Cuadrado Cast

  11. Photo of Fernando Aguirre

    Fernando Aguirre Cast

  12. Photo of José María Rupert

    José María Rupert Cast

  13. Photo of Pablo Álvarez Rubio

    Pablo Álvarez Rubio Cast

  14. Photo of Jacinto Almadén 'Niño de Almadén'

    Jacinto Almadén 'Niño de Almadén' Cast

  15. Photo of Román El Granadino

    Román El Granadino Cast

  16. Photo of Elvira Real

    Elvira Real Cast

  17. Photo of Monique Thibaut

    Monique Thibaut Cast

  18. Photo of Julia Caba Alba

    Julia Caba Alba Cast

  19. Photo of Santiago Rivero

    Santiago Rivero Cast

  20. Photo of Luciano Díaz

    Luciano Díaz Cast

  21. Photo of Francisco Cejuela

    Francisco Cejuela Cast

  22. Photo of Henri Barreyre

    Henri Barreyre Cinematography

  23. Photo of José Muñoz Molleda

    José Muñoz Molleda Music

  24. Photo of Bienvenida Sanz

    Bienvenida Sanz Editing