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  1. Photo of Gonzalo Suárez

    Gonzalo Suárez Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Azucena Rodríguez

    Azucena Rodríguez Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hans Christian Andersen

    Hans Christian Andersen Screenplay

  4. Photo of Javier Bardem

    Javier Bardem Cast

  5. Photo of Maria de Medeiros

    Maria de Medeiros Cast

  6. Photo of Carmelo Gómez

    Carmelo Gómez Cast

  7. Photo of Héctor Alterio

    Héctor Alterio Cast

  8. Photo of Mapi Galán

    Mapi Galán Cast

  9. Photo of Francis Lorenzo

    Francis Lorenzo Cast

  10. Photo of Paulina Gálvez

    Paulina Gálvez Cast

  11. Photo of Myriam De Maeztu

    Myriam De Maeztu Cast

  12. Photo of Charo López

    Charo López Cast

  13. Photo of Carlos Suárez

    Carlos Suárez Cinematography

  14. Photo of Suso Sáiz

    Suso Sáiz Music

  15. Photo of Alain Bainée

    Alain Bainée Production Design

  16. Photo of Andrés Vicente Gómez

    Andrés Vicente Gómez Producer

  17. Photo of Miguel Ángel Barbero

    Miguel Ángel Barbero Executive Producer

  18. Photo of José Salcedo

    José Salcedo Editing