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  1. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film The Movement

  2. Elia Canevascini's rating of the film The Movement

    Bella l'inquadratura dell'esecuzione con il cannone

  3. Nabonaid's rating of the film The Movement

    Pampas western cut with harsh verité. Logics of violence and loyalty stripped naked are given a documentary bent as the rituals of aimless and vague reform are articulated to harsh trumpet and shattering rain. The film seems to owe something to The Red and the White with its impersonal slaughter, as well as the acid realism of A Field in England, but the finale is pure Culloden.

  4. cin·aes·the·tic's rating of the film The Movement

    Pompous asses in the Pampas grasses. Plays almost like an early 19th-century Road Warrior in that it depicts the utter callousness and viciousness that men (it's always the men) exhibit when societal restraints vanish. Poor work in the closing scenes, as vehicles with combustion engines magically appeared and made me wish there was a Max Rockatansky roaming the Argentinian outback meting out justice to those bandits.

  5. Auranee's rating of the film The Movement

    I guess I'm just kind of over relentless desolation and cruelty right now. Cool black and white photography though

  6. Nabil Hamzaki's rating of the film The Movement

    "He ended his speech inviting us to keep partying, eating and drinking." A scathing indictment of the birth and nature of political movements.

  7. Sterling Pratt's rating of the film The Movement

    What is The Movement? Who cares? Or rather, what does it matter? What matters is that there IS a Movement, and it is going to change everything, somehow, even as we are trapped like ghosts in purgatory. The Movement has always existed in the nether world, waiting for the People to take up the cause again. Will we ever be free from oppression? Will we ever be free from the Movement?

  8. panagiotatos's rating of the film The Movement

    5/10, a flawed allegoric political movie, which reminded me of Glauber Rocha's movies.

  9. Michael's rating of the film The Movement

    music score is haunting and the photography is good but the film reminds me of so many other films and if it is set between 1815 - 1853 what is a motorbike and car doing toward the end.

  10. mciszczon's rating of the film The Movement

    Somewhat flat. Also, I wished for a better ending to this. But overall, worth watching. Especially because it's not long.

  11. DrFirestone's rating of the film The Movement

    The black and white cinematograpy is indeed impressive. Striking, desolate and peaceful location amplifies the feeling of loneliness and contrasts with the unfolding madness. However, as I am not familiar with history, political and ecomonical situation in Argentina, I ended up confused about what really was depicted in this film, and I felt like a lot here was told "between the lines" that I unfortunately missed...

  12. Oneb's rating of the film The Movement

    Sparse scenes of a community of disenfranchised soldiers striving for security and nationhood amongst anarchy. Makes a good point on the difficulties of assimilating the aspirations of individuals, while the individuals are determined to help themselves. A bleak introduction to the history of early 19th century Argentina. Somewhat like a film Goya would make.

  13. captainfez's rating of the film The Movement

    That's one way to protest the price of baked goods.

  14. David R Williams's rating of the film The Movement

    Bleak. Beautiful. The madness of war. Of religion. Of politics. Of believing in anything or nothing. Or one's own self. Desolation. The world falls apart. The mind crumbles. The illusion of hope. The mindlessness of followers. You know it all ends in violence and blood. Only it never really ends does it?

  15. Ju's rating of the film The Movement

    I'm confused about how much I liked it and why, but the surely extra star is for how it communicates the feeling of the pampas: vast, hostile and tremendously still.

  16. Samuel Wells's rating of the film The Movement

    This movie and its characters inhabit a strange world, or at the least, a strange state of mind. The dialogue and actions throughout the film a just off kilter enough to enthrall and keep you invested in discovering what will happen next but just small enough that it does not put off the viewer. The ending is particularly well handled, keeping the off baseness without devolving into absolute absurdity. Well handled.

  17. Superfrog's rating of the film The Movement

    Partial review for partial attention. Great photography but I think I would have preferred just a musical score as in visitors. Watched in this way, was not unpleasant but at no point pulled me in.

  18. Marinos Koutsomichalis's rating of the film The Movement

    Great atmosphere, great sound design, great acting and I liked the overall idea and scenery - yet it was a bit incoherent and frustrating at times and somehow it didn't worked very well as a whole. A great effort overall - yet there's something missing.

  19. Colin Edgar's rating of the film The Movement

    Some of the visuals are stunning--night shots that are surprisingly and beautifully luminous--and the soundtrack is great, minimal, and contrasts with the time period interestingly. If you are looking for captivating plot or storytelling, however, it isn't here. The otherwise very short duration feels quite long in this film.

  20. maria's rating of the film The Movement

    Haunting atmosphere and characters. Director on the watch

  21. Landen Celano's rating of the film The Movement

    Plays out like a scrapbook of wartime insanity.

  22. Marco Bevilacqua's rating of the film The Movement

    I notice that the format of this film was inspired by Jarmusch's Dead Man. In fact, the environment of the recordings is interesting, and the historical presentation is close to reality. What I really don't like is the acting of his principal characters: totally "fake" and without any deep interpretation of what's happened. There also isn't a clear point: all the scenes seem vague.

  23. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film The Movement

    Saw the first two scenes, that was enough for me. Not one to watch before bedtime.

  24. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film The Movement

    Bleak and nihilistic., Some parts reminded me of Ben Wheatley's A Field in England. Same level of madness. The first scenes - yes, I'm referring to the one with the cannon - will haunt me forever.

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