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  1. Photo of Ramón Fernández

    Ramón Fernández Director

  2. Photo of Juan José Alonso Millán

    Juan José Alonso Millán Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alfonso Balcázar

    Alfonso Balcázar Screenplay

  4. Photo of Arturo Fernandez

    Arturo Fernandez Cast

  5. Photo of Marisa Paredes

    Marisa Paredes Cast

  6. Photo of Manolo Gómez Bur

    Manolo Gómez Bur Cast

  7. Photo of Alicia Tomás

    Alicia Tomás Cast

  8. Photo of Antonio Cintado

    Antonio Cintado Cast

  9. Photo of Gustavo Re

    Gustavo Re Cast

  10. Photo of Manuel Gas

    Manuel Gas Cast

  11. Photo of Marta Flores

    Marta Flores Cast

  12. Photo of Fernando Ulloa

    Fernando Ulloa Cast

  13. Photo of Fernando Rubio

    Fernando Rubio Cast

  14. Photo of Gaspar "Indio" González

    Gaspar "Indio" González Cast

  15. Photo of Juan Torres

    Juan Torres Cast

  16. Photo of Rosanna Yanni

    Rosanna Yanni Cast

  17. Photo of Ingrid Garbo

    Ingrid Garbo Cast

  18. Photo of José F. Aguayo

    José F. Aguayo Cinematography

  19. Photo of Antón García Abril

    Antón García Abril Music