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  1. Nabil Hamzaki's rating of the film Eldridge Cleaver

    "When you see that this is wrong, and you don't accept that, what're your supposed to do? I don't accept it. I don't have to accept it. And I have a right to do something about it. And not only do I have a right; I have a duty."

  2. keremebrulee's rating of the film Eldridge Cleaver

    Maybe the worst of endings for him: "After spending seven years in exile in Cuba, Algeria, and France, Cleaver returned to the US in 1975, where he became involved in various religious groups before finally becoming a Mormon, as well as becoming a conservative Republican, appearing at Republican events." (Wikipedia)

  3. Knickerson's rating of the film Eldridge Cleaver

    Compelling film as Cleaver is a powerful speaker.

  4. Car01a's rating of the film Eldridge Cleaver

    A very powerful film, which scratches the surface of the power struggle that has been going on world wide for ages. It tickles my sense of justice, because when is war or violence ever justified? Only in extreme cases of self preservation, in my view. Just imagine what injustices drove these people to fight back. Whether one agrees with the Panthers (or BLM for that matter) or not, the fight is far from over.

  5. captainfez's rating of the film Eldridge Cleaver

    Politics, racism and knives.

  6. Graf von Zahl's rating of the film Eldridge Cleaver

    New-wave-ish documentary about revolution and African emancipation. Interesting to see from 2016 perspective - the world is soooo far away from what they hoped for.

  7. Marco Della Motta's rating of the film Eldridge Cleaver

    A compelling portrait of Cleaver then and the times. How ironic that he embraced what he fought against later in life. It's sad, even tragic to realise that the situation of so many Black Americans hasn't changed nearly enough from then till now.

  8. dAlton Anthony's rating of the film Eldridge Cleaver

    If he was serious about revolution he'd shut the f' up, stop playing with his d**k, er, I mean switchblade, and join the BLA like Assata Shakur. Ever the posturing, egomaniacal, homophobic, patriarchal fool, Eldridge huffs and puffs like the big bad wolf. Within ten years of this documentary he would be a conservative republican, espousing all kinds of messianic nonsense. Worth it for the historical footage though.

  9. Superfrog's rating of the film Eldridge Cleaver

    Seeing a Black Panther discuss the the failure of identity politics was a moment I did not think I would experience. I am impressed by the material in here.

  10. Richard Doyle's rating of the film Eldridge Cleaver

    This many decades later, it's intermittently interesting. Cleaver's rhetoric about the US is sometimes on point, and sometimes a complete relic of his time. The very long discussions about the status of revolutionary African politics of the early 70's are a lot less interesting.

  11. Ludovic72's rating of the film Eldridge Cleaver

    On peut voir ce film comme une sorte de complément à "Festival panafricain d'Alger", dont il reprend d'ailleurs certaines images, Eldrige Cleaver ayant participé à l'événement. On y retrouve les thématiques de la post-colonisation, de la lutte des minorités noires et de la révolution anti-impérialisme, sous un angle évidemment radical. La question de la légitimité de la violence reste d'une terrible actualité...