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  1. T Mills's rating of the film Elegance

    What a great lovely simple portrait of this tradition.

  2. Louisa Savignon's rating of the film Elegance

    people are funny are they not. excellent cinematography

  3. IKB 191's rating of the film Elegance

    2.8 beautiful photography

  4. Jenny Coldpussy's rating of the film Elegance

    A beautiful short about some very charming hunting dogs, their genealogy, life style, and the boring old men that do the shooting for them.

  5. msmichel's rating of the film Elegance

    Exceptionally well made short that leaves one wishing there was a little more to it both in length and scope. Film ends just as it gets interesting in its minute look at finnish business executives enjoying their pastime of game hunting. Musings, memories and perhaps tall tales the order of the day.

  6. innersmiff's rating of the film Elegance

    Formal, precise beauty. Save for the final shot, lacks insight or special intrigue.

  7. David R Williams's rating of the film Elegance

    A rather meaningless insignificant trifle...yet I enjoyed it immensely.

  8. mabee23's rating of the film Elegance

    This is a peculiar, but engaging short, which is well worth a look. While I'm certainly no fan of hunting per se, it is interesting to join these gentlemen at their play, to eavesdrop on their conversations and to observe their rituals and traditions. Aesthetically, the film is a treat, with crisp, clear photography, vivid colours and shots beautifully framed, often to resemble a still life, portrait or tableau.

  9. johann's rating of the film Elegance

    what a pleasure to view

  10. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Elegance

    SNUFF MOVIE sur des animaux sans défense. De vieux dirigeants de Nokia chassent élans & faisans, en devisant sur leurs chiens de race & leurs conquêtes féminines, dont la soeur de Catherine DENEUVE. Peu élégant Messieurs! === SNUFF MOVIE on defenseless animals. Rich Nokia executives hunt elk & pheasants, chatting on their breed dogs & their female conquests, among which Françoise DORLEAC. Not very elegant gentlemen!

  11. Elisa-Johanna Udde's rating of the film Elegance

    You don't have to "get" hunting to enjoy the documentary. Beautiful scenes and enjoyable to watch.

  12. shimown's rating of the film Elegance

    A wonderful short, beautifully filmed in the glorious natural light of Finland. Sumptuous.

  13. Beatrice's rating of the film Elegance

    A portrait of a group of men deriving great pleasure from exercising their mastery over nature. The dogs are alive and vibrant, a joy to behold. Most of the time, they seem capable of deeper feelings than their owners. The dead partridges you see at the beginning and at the end of the short, arranged as a stil life, are a beautiful and proud contrast to the stale company assembled for dinner.

  14. Mariane Gonçalves's rating of the film Elegance

  15. Samuel Wells's rating of the film Elegance

    Playing more like a news special on the club and people present, the film draws on longer than the running time would suggest. It takes interest in things I do not find intriguing in the slightest. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the film as a work of art, but the lack of drive left the film feeling more like a farce of the subject material it is covering rather than a real delving into the subject.

  16. Matt McManus's rating of the film Elegance

    Beautiful cinematography. Also like the focus on the importance of the dogs for hunting.

  17. Sophie Charlotte Rieger's rating of the film Elegance

  18. Harrywolf Krstl's rating of the film Elegance

    great nature, great dogs but i don't like hunting, fuck that.

  19. Robert Peters-Gehrke's rating of the film Elegance

    In exquisite pictures of outstanding beauty this film shows very rich men hunting. An old hunter tells very boring stories, the others listen, the men stroke their dogs very very lovingly, they stand in the field, the old hunter tells another boring story, they kill birds, a cook turns the birds into meal, they eat. And don't notice that this film doesn't show their elegance but their shallowness. A very clever film.

  20. Jane de Deus's rating of the film Elegance

    It stirs so many mixed feeling in me. Feels good to be stirred.

  21. Jeospina95's rating of the film Elegance

    Beautifully shot and aesthetically rewarding.

  22. themroc's rating of the film Elegance

    Delightful and poetic. An insight into an aristocrat who loves his dogs and the poor, pathetic slobs who want to be like him and don't understand that they just haven't been born into it.

  23. Kadjavsi's rating of the film Elegance

    good documentary pretentious hobby

  24. Sean's rating of the film Elegance

    If Andrei Tarkovsky made a documentary.

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