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  1. Photo of Petra Costa

    Petra Costa Director, Self Screenplay

  2. Photo of Carolina Ziskind

    Carolina Ziskind Screenplay

  3. Photo of Elena Andrade

    Elena Andrade Self

  4. Photo of An Li

    An Li Self

  5. Photo of Janice d’Avila

    Janice d’Avila Cinematography

  6. Photo of Will Etchebehere

    Will Etchebehere Cinematography

  7. Photo of Miguel Vassy

    Miguel Vassy Cinematography

  8. Photo of Vitor Araújo

    Vitor Araújo Music

  9. Photo of Fil Pinheiro

    Fil Pinheiro Music

  10. Photo of Maggie Hastings Clifford

    Maggie Hastings Clifford Music

  11. Photo of Gustavo Ruiz

    Gustavo Ruiz Music

  12. Photo of Martha Kiss Perrone

    Martha Kiss Perrone Production Design

  13. Photo of Alonso Pafyese

    Alonso Pafyese Production Design

  14. Photo of Lorena Ortiz

    Lorena Ortiz Production Design

  15. Photo of Vanessa Elias

    Vanessa Elias Producer

  16. Photo of Julia Bock

    Julia Bock Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Daniela Santos

    Daniela Santos Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Idê Lacreta

    Idê Lacreta Editing

  19. Photo of Marilia Moraes

    Marilia Moraes Editing

  20. Photo of Tina Baz

    Tina Baz Editing

  21. Photo of Edson Secco

    Edson Secco Sound

  22. Photo of Olivier Goinard

    Olivier Goinard Sound

  23. Photo of Guile Martins

    Guile Martins Sound