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  1. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Elena

    Zvyagintsev is Russia's Hitchcock here. Philip Glass slays. ELENA may just be a little too merciless, colder than LEVIATHAN (his true masterpiece), but I have yet to feel anything but a deep admiration for Zvyagintsev's power. His opening and closing shots are scrumptious in an evil sort of way. I can't wait to poison my rich husband.

  2. Jorawantstoeat's rating of the film Elena

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film Elena

    Bien plus qu'un simple diagnostic désespérant de la Russie actuelle, cette ode mortifère aux évidentes connotations universelles, en forme de récit circulaire, avec comme séquence d'introduction et de clôture la structure scénique éloignée d'un balcon, met en représentation l'indignité de la nature humaine dont tous les protagonistes, qui fleurent puissamment la médiocrité et l'ignominie.

  4. Arvid Klapper's rating of the film Elena

    social darwinism unstoppable

  5. Jørgen Lien's rating of the film Elena

  6. Mariana Narciso's rating of the film Elena

  7. ricardoetatto's rating of the film Elena

    Un drama discreto con elementos que por momentos son cómicos, incluso simbólicos (como el cuervo del principio). Elena, sin grandes aspavientos, evoluciona como persona ante las duras pruebas que la vida le presenta en sus relaciones personales. Asimismo, la partitura es excelente y tiene todo el sello de Glass, aunque por momentos creo que cobra demasiado protagonismo, acentuando las acciones y el conflicto interior

  8. Raul Duarte's rating of the film Elena

  9. Zepo's rating of the film Elena

    Lo escencial de la historia, en apariencia minimalista de Zvyaginstev, es lo que no se cuenta.

  10. emlomm's rating of the film Elena

    Gran drama sobre la brecha entre el sector adinerado y el resto de la población. Elena es un personaje con la peculiaridad de 'pertenecer' a ambos grupos simultáneamente. Sin embargo, conforme avanza la trama, Elena muestra la inherente imposibilidad de ello pues, en el fondo, solamente puede formar parte de uno de estos sectores. La película muestra la marcada frialdad con la que ambos grupos interactúan entre sí.

  11. rociof's rating of the film Elena

    Bellamente retratada, un drama de iniciación y congruencia. Los personajes despuntan pero no aterrizan. Buen intento.

  12. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Elena

  13. Ezuzuzu's rating of the film Elena

    One of the best examples of the realistic cinema.

  14. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Elena

  15. Güven Şahinkanat's rating of the film Elena

    I have thought that I was watching a haneke film. Story was so simple ,but it showed us terrifying side of social capital order .this is not a movie about money , decisions or relationships . we are part of this story, this is modern life. Very clever movie.

  16. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film Elena

  17. Dzernera's rating of the film Elena

    So far one of my favorite work of Zvyagintsev. Mainly because aesthetically movie is not too overwhelming to senses yet also not too insipid. The plot can be predicted since the first minutes of watching but it is worth giving the time as the film not only gives you a peek into individual case but provides much broader view on the modern Russian society & struggles within it. Expect no causes or answers, though.

  18. Aurora's rating of the film Elena

    Visualmente perfecta. No me decepciona. Que manera tan increíble de narrar!

  19. Johnny Mislow's rating of the film Elena

    Well-written, visually striking and consistent but very predictable and one-dimensional. If well explored, the movie would cross incredible boundaries, even though it already challenged some personal moral ideals.

  20. João Valadão's rating of the film Elena

    3.5. Easily disliked to a western viewer, as myself. But, for what I have read and seen of Zvyagintsev, this film must be looked through a Russian perspective. It documents a decaying society, where the primary instinct of survival meets no moral boundaries. It raises some interesting questions about contemporary Russia.

  21. riraru's rating of the film Elena

    Erhabenheit zu Beginn, Vulgarität zum Ende. Zwischendurch ein paar Takte Philip Glas, schön komponierte längere Einstellungen und ich geriet in soziologisches Grübeln und wußte lange nicht, für welche Seite ich mich entscheiden soll. Kurzum: Wunderbares Kino.

  22. Markus Baumknecht's rating of the film Elena

    Subtle in every dimension, but all the more violent because of that. In my view it has the issue of class at its core; yet, its political polarity is ambivalent: the proletariat are proles - victims and perpetrators alike. Tragedy arises only when people try to leave their caste. Highly dubious, ambivalent, contradictory. The way light is handled is amongst the most beautiful I have ever seen.

  23. fat_aleksey's rating of the film Elena

  24. Justine Vernera's rating of the film Elena

    Despite the quite easy-to-predict characters, still very thrilling. More than the basic plot on coldness between the people of various "classes", I appreciated the well-done tiny pieces that give a critical insight in the 21st century post-Soviet society - from cashier unable to operate a credit-card to corrupt higher education system or simply stupid and meaningless TV-shows that have nothing to do with reality.

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