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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Elephant Song

    Malgré quelques séquences qui tournent quelquefois à vide et un huis clos parfois surnuméraire dans la progression dramatique de l'histoire, l'époustouflante interprétation du phénomène Xavier Dolan mérite à elle seule le déplacement, même alourdie de temps à autre par un sur-jeu ostentatoire et des minauderies inutiles...

  2. Stephane Tanaka's rating of the film Elephant Song

  3. Aaken's rating of the film Elephant Song

    That Xavier Dolan bloke could really make more than a few people quite envious, being this handsome, talented charismatic actor/director... His performance totally lights up what otherwise would have been a competent but lazy adaptation of the Nicolas Billon play. Katherine Keener is also excellent.

  4. lonesome-boat's rating of the film Elephant Song

    This movie was unpredictable and Xavier Dolan was amazing (once again) WATCH IT GUYS IT'S AWESOME.

  5. Nadin's rating of the film Elephant Song

    The film is generally good, though I believe that its attraction and tension comes from the acting of Xavier Dolan, who's superb in his role of the crazy patient. I wonder whether the film should have been a bit longer in order to get more out of it. The ending was a bit of a let down and could have been done better I suppose.

  6. Maria Vieira's rating of the film Elephant Song

  7. michal k's rating of the film Elephant Song

    really sad to see Dolan struggling in a film that tries so hard to be percieved as an independent while actually being a hostage to producer's cash flows and their narrow-mindedness.

  8. oldeuboi's rating of the film Elephant Song

    Problematic first half and the non-linear narrative is rather jarring, but Xavier Dolan delivers a solid performances.

  9. Evan Schafer's rating of the film Elephant Song

    Aside from the magnificent acting on the part of both Greenwood and Dolan, this film touches on themes of mental illness, death, the impurities and inaccessibility of love, and the inability to process it all in due time. A sad, unpredictable ending accompanies the mysterious time that trails before it, and makes me want to watch again and again to analyze each intricacy that comes embedded in this glorious film.

  10. ‏ㅤ's rating of the film Elephant Song

  11. msmichel's rating of the film Elephant Song

    A well made cat and mouse tale that finds a hospital administrator/psychiatrist interviewing an inmate about a missing doctor finding himself manipulated in the process. Bruce Greenwood and Catherine Keener are excellent here but young Xavier Dolan is not reigned in enough and mugs a little much. Worse the side story involving a Downs afflicted niece and a clinging new love for the psychiatrist. Strong tech work.

  12. Kamran's rating of the film Elephant Song 80/100