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  1. Photo of Mamoru Kanbe

    Mamoru Kanbe Director

  2. Photo of Lynn Okamoto

    Lynn Okamoto Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sanae Kobayashi

    Sanae Kobayashi Voice

  4. Photo of Chihiro Suzuki

    Chihiro Suzuki Voice

  5. Photo of Mamiko Noto

    Mamiko Noto Voice

  6. Photo of Yuki Matsuoka

    Yuki Matsuoka Voice

  7. Photo of Jôji Nakata

    Jôji Nakata Voice

  8. Photo of Tomoko Kawakami

    Tomoko Kawakami Voice

  9. Photo of Kinryû Arimoto

    Kinryû Arimoto Voice

  10. Photo of Adam Conlon

    Adam Conlon Voice