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  1. Photo of Judith Colell

    Judith Colell Director

  2. Photo of Aina Clotet

    Aina Clotet Cast

  3. Photo of Clàudia Pons

    Clàudia Pons Cast

  4. Photo of Hans Richter

    Hans Richter Cast

  5. Photo of Lydia Zimmermann

    Lydia Zimmermann Cast

  6. Photo of Maria de la Pau Janer

    Maria de la Pau Janer Cast

  7. Photo of Antonio Chavarrías

    Antonio Chavarrías Producer

  8. Photo of Sergi Gallardo

    Sergi Gallardo Cinematography

  9. Photo of David Gallart

    David Gallart Editing

  10. Photo of Lolita Bosch

    Lolita Bosch Screenplay

  11. Photo of Jordi Cadena

    Jordi Cadena Screenplay and Director

  12. Photo of Isaac-Pierre Racine

    Isaac-Pierre Racine Production Design

  13. Photo of Dani Fontrodona

    Dani Fontrodona Sound

  14. Photo of Nausicaa Bonnín

    Nausicaa Bonnín Cast

  15. Photo of Ricard Farré

    Ricard Farré Cast

  16. Photo of Jordi Gràcia

    Jordi Gràcia Cast

  17. Photo of Ramon Madaula

    Ramon Madaula Cast

  18. Photo of Pol Montañés

    Pol Montañés Cast

  19. Photo of Pep Sais

    Pep Sais Cast