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  1. Trevor Tillman's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    A Frank Capra picture for 2005—a suicidal Drew Bailey directly references It's a Wonderful Life's George Bailey, with Claire standing in for Clarence. While flogged for being overstuffed and sentimental, I miss when Cameron Crowe made long films, giving secondary characters their own respective arcs. The cathartic and concise finale belongs to Old Hollywood, and works precisely because of its fully sketched ensemble.

  2. matthwq's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    one of my stranger guilty pleasures. get why it's complete trash to everyone, i do, but i also get why some weirdos like me might really enjoy this goofy, cheesy, huge hearted thing.

  3. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    Excruciatingly kooky and whimsical, the film's desperate attempts to get us to ponder the wonders of love, life, death, family relationships and personal growth are truly irritating and woefully misjudged. Cameron Crowe + big ideas = disaster.

  4. Thomas's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    Uninspired performances don't help this overlong and miscast corny romance.

  5. Matthew Catanzano's rating of the film Elizabethtown

  6. sabrinahrhp's rating of the film Elizabethtown

  7. Levi Miah's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    I love this hugely underrated film. It drifts from scene to scene, through a beautiful medley of country and piano melody. I agree, the characters aren't realistic - they seem to be more like personifications. Bloom's nihilism weaves through the compassionate, romantic-optimist Dunst. When all purpose is lost and we're doomed, falling in love with optimism is the only way to stay alive. Best romcom of the 2000s.

  8. iamgarethjones's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    I don't use words like cute and sweet to describe movies very often but those are the exact two words I would choose to sum up this movie. Whilst not particularly deep, it was entertaining and enjoyable.

  9. Robert McMillan's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    Cameron Crowe has an idea for a movie and pukes it into existence without interrogating anything in the process, resulting in a woeful movie that plays out in a world whose societal, interpersonal, and personal interactions are beholden to the hastily-constructed laws of the first draft.

  10. Christine's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    Loved this film! It brings back home what is really important in life, in such a beautiful and funny way.

  11. Tom Hemingway's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    No one can put music to images quite like Cameron Crowe. But these wonderful fleeting moments should be confined to music videos. Elizabethtown is now a curious artefact from the whimsical Garden State-era of indie filmmaking. It could be a great road trip movie, romance, or family drama, but by combining all of these, Crowe's film amounts to nothing. It's fine, and I guess someone has to make these movies.

  12. Sonya Gencheva's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    boring and cliched, why is this on MUBI?

  13. raggiodisole's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    cringeworthily bland and predictable, saturated in gloopy homilies. ew

  14. LASHLEY's rating of the film Elizabethtown

  15. neilrobertleonard's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    Judged against Crowe's other work, this isn't the best, but it's still a really sweet, enjoyable film. Bloom is better in this than anything else I've seen him in and Dunst is great as usual. Also, that soundtrack is fantastic and the chosen songs fit really well with their accompanying scenes.

  16. Joseph Howe's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    Is it just me or does Orloondo Bland's hair change length multiple times in this film?

  17. Tja's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    Small town values versus corporate values. When you've just lost the company a billion $ and your dad has unexpectedly died, who do you turn to? Not to Ghost Busters, but all those quirky friends and relations who love you. Only 4 stars as this warm and life-enhancing film is so laid back that it occasionally lacks pace, but its definitely a keeper. Great chemistry between the main players.

  18. Mike Baker's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    Quite liked it, especially the road trip stuff. The over-intellectualising of what was a simple dilemma grated a bit, and it was half an hour too long.

  19. Lilliom's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    Actually no star from me but couldn't make a comment without adding a star. Really low quality movie, with again that self indulged inward look only some american movie are actually skilled at. Produced by Tom Cruise..argh!

  20. First Lady Dré's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    dreadful sound track - and gag awful story.

  21. Babak Jani's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    Best Film of Cameron Crowe. So 2 star or perhaps 1.5 should be enough.

  22. John Grant's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    some good turns but too too long with an huge tourist plug for kentucky that has convinced me never to go near the place

  23. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    It would be impossible to overstate how teeth grindingly terrible this is.

  24. Ross's rating of the film Elizabethtown

    I don't understand the mauling this film gets. I've watched it over and over again to try to see why everyone hates it. Okay, Orlando Bloom's character is a hollow cypher but that is clearly how it is meant to be. Susan Sarandon and Kirsten Dunst are magnificent. This film makes me cry every time...

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