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  1. Mohammad Ebrahimian's rating of the film Elles

  2. oaiaferoce's rating of the film Elles

    an excellent insight on women's pshichology

  3. Ana Paula's rating of the film Elles

  4. Elena Cosmanescu's rating of the film Elles

    1 star because JB really knows what acting means. otherwise nothing interesting here

  5. ammar's rating of the film Elles

  6. Mohammad Aboomar's rating of the film Elles

    It's hard to gather who's doing what, but it's very touching and expressive...

  7. Eddie Rinctoya's rating of the film Elles

  8. Edgar Echeverría's rating of the film Elles

    3.5 De pronto, uno se envuelve en lo que se adentra, el paradigma en vez de crecer parece estrecharse y cristalizar todo a un único modo de concebir

  9. maddening cloud's rating of the film Elles

    i watched this with my mother. vivere pericolosamente.

  10. Héctor Olguín's rating of the film Elles

    Una narración plana, mal estructurada, que a ratos sube de nivel para volver a caer. Si bien la intención de la historia y el perfil de los personajes están bien definidos, estos no terminan por convencer y pueden llegar a parecer cuadrados, simples caricaturas. La música aquí es engañosa. Termina siendo una película con una visión poco profunda del tema. Pese a todo esto, la actuación de Binoche es magistral.

  11. rociof's rating of the film Elles

    La exploración del cuerpo femenino, desde la diferencia de la clase social.

  12. Hayat's rating of the film Elles

    If you take Juliette's performance off this, it would be a bad movie, or just an "eh" one. But her performance is really good so.

  13. dave gunn's rating of the film Elles

    Despite a great performance from Juliette Binoche, this film just lacked a certain something to make it greater than what it was. I understood her romanticism of these young girls' lives and her discontentment with her upper-class monotony, and I'm pleased with how sex workers and their patrons were portrayed, but this just wasn't all that special. Just an epilogue would have maybe helped.

  14. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Elles

    The final article that the journalist wrote for "Elle" magazine must be empty as she is and as "Elle" is.

  15. klofter's rating of the film Elles

    A film with a lot on its mind but that doesn't quite get it together. The first half was interesting enough but the second half starts unraveling and rather than having a cathartic finale, the movie prefers to tread the well-worn terrain of upper class fatigue, distracted relationships and the destructive power of lies with no real nuance. But I still think it's worth seeing.

  16. amhume's rating of the film Elles

    Has ambitions, but falls flat.

  17. Kevin's rating of the film Elles

    The obvious problem viewers have with this film is its subject matter. The problems presented are real, the solution is as uncertain in life as it is in the film, and the film shows the opposite of pornography, because it shows the subject instead of the act. As an aside, which one of us wouldn't want to get our children off at least one video game.

  18. msmichel's rating of the film Elles

    Szumowska came into her own with this picture and gave us a strong spirted work that provided a work in which a bourgeois woman working as a journalist for vogue suddenly calls her self image and view of prostitution both into question while looking into students who prostitue themselves to pay for school. Script doesn't go deep enough but Binoche adds a deeper level with her magnificient performance.

  19. Annie Gentil-Kraatz's rating of the film Elles

    Juliette Binoche is a well off journalist researching the prostitution of students. She interviews two prostitute girls but slowly gets moved and haunted by their stories. Men in this film are not depicted in a very good light, either weak, violent or with strange fantasies... Some scenes are overtly explicit and depict the kind of services and treatments the girls receive... An epic dinner scene towards the end...

  20. Florence's rating of the film Elles

    Juliette Binoche is a wonderful actrice!

  21. Sancar Seckiner's rating of the film Elles

  22. Christopher Scott Zeidel's rating of the film Elles

    Roger Ebert put it quite well; Elles is "disappointingly shallow." I'll add that I found ti cynical since there is no resolution and all the characters will continue living the sad lives they always have had. The good dramatic scenes of Juliet Binoche being inter-cut with graphic porno scenes as the young prostitutes service their clients is beyond awkward.

  23. Maar's rating of the film Elles

  24. Joaopa's rating of the film Elles

    gosto da estrutura narrativa do filme, e na forma como realidades que a princípio se anunciam como diferentes, se confundem, se complementam e se iluminam. binoche como sempre fantástica

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