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  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Elling

    A geniune feel-good movie that also highlight persons with special needs. Likable acting with humoros dialogue that is not meant to be taken too serious and unique characters in every frame. Refreshing without any morale lesson at the end. It deserved it's nominee for Best Foreign Movie and there is few films in Norway that works as well as this one.

  2. Gregor Wind's rating of the film Elling

  3. superwolf's rating of the film Elling

    why do we love to see humans struggeling... we all have these obstacles but think we somehow solved them... ?

  4. Luckonluke's rating of the film Elling

    Tutta la vita ho camminato, senza sapere di aver dentro di me un poeta. Sfido che ci siano state certe incomprensioni!

  5. Burhan Gulbahar's rating of the film Elling

    The life as we live in such a cruel society is full of injustice and the negative selectivity such that the particular and special characters are in great difficulty to obtain a normal life. Elling is the one without any lies about himself, e.g., called the crazy one, he is pure and brave as much as a child can be. Fantastic :)

  6. Dav I.D.'s rating of the film Elling

    A fresh pick-me-up in the wake of all the bleak films I've watched recently. Near perfect in the sense of character direction.

  7. magnum80's rating of the film Elling

  8. Sonosoloio's rating of the film Elling

  9. Magda's rating of the film Elling

    Saw this on the Norwegian Film Days in Bucharest. It was supposed to be a drama, but you cannot be serious while watching it. It's hilarious! And the actors are great, and the story is great. Do not miss it, if you have the chance to seeing it.

  10. ce ca's rating of the film Elling