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  1. Photo of Edgardo Cozarinsky

    Edgardo Cozarinsky Director and Cast

  2. Photo of Roberto Villanueva

    Roberto Villanueva Cast

  3. Photo of Jorge Alvarez

    Jorge Alvarez Cast

  4. Photo of Marcia Moreto

    Marcia Moreto Cast

  5. Photo of Ernesto Schoó

    Ernesto Schoó Cast

  6. Photo of Niní Gómez

    Niní Gómez Cast

  7. Photo of Luisina Brando

    Luisina Brando Cast

  8. Photo of Paulina Fernández Jurado

    Paulina Fernández Jurado Cast

  9. Photo of Hugo Gambini

    Hugo Gambini Cast

  10. Photo of Juan José Jusid

    Juan José Jusid Cast

  11. Photo of Marilu Marini

    Marilu Marini Cast

  12. Photo of Manuel Mujica Láinez

    Manuel Mujica Láinez Cast

  13. Photo of Nestor Paternostro

    Nestor Paternostro Cast

  14. Photo of Hugo Santiago

    Hugo Santiago Cast

  15. Photo of Bebe Kamin

    Bebe Kamin Sound

  16. Photo of Edgard Kleinman

    Edgard Kleinman Sound