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  1. Photo of Oskari Sipola

    Oskari Sipola Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Eppu Pastinen

    Eppu Pastinen Cast

  3. Photo of Lina Turkama

    Lina Turkama Cast

  4. Photo of Zagros Manuchar

    Zagros Manuchar Cast

  5. Photo of Niina Koponen

    Niina Koponen Cast

  6. Photo of Pihla Viitala

    Pihla Viitala Cast

  7. Photo of Ilkka Heiskanen

    Ilkka Heiskanen Cast

  8. Photo of Henrika Andersson

    Henrika Andersson Cast

  9. Photo of Juha Lagström

    Juha Lagström Cast

  10. Photo of Markku Maalismaa

    Markku Maalismaa Cast

  11. Photo of Heikki Ranta

    Heikki Ranta Cast

  12. Photo of Timo Torikka

    Timo Torikka Cast

  13. Photo of Joonas Pulkkanen

    Joonas Pulkkanen Cinematography

  14. Photo of Joel Melasniemi

    Joel Melasniemi Music

  15. Photo of Heini Kervinen

    Heini Kervinen Production Design

  16. Photo of Jesse Fryckman

    Jesse Fryckman Producer

  17. Photo of Jukka Helle

    Jukka Helle Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Markus Selin

    Markus Selin Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Antti Reikko

    Antti Reikko Editing