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Ratings & Reviews

  1. howdoplaneswork's rating of the film Emilia

    probably the best lithuanian film i have ever seen.

  2. Ilona Buffet's rating of the film Emilia

    Bet kodėl pasmaugė Kostą Kubilinską?

  3. Vaida Kazlauskaitė's rating of the film Emilia

    I saw a lot of people crying when the lights went on and it almost made me cry as well, as it proved once again that Lithuanian cinema is, at best, dead, but more realistically - it's non-existent, hasn't reached even the early phase of something what the world calls cinema. I suggest we stop making movies and financing them at all.

  4. Rūta Švedkauskaitė's rating of the film Emilia

  5. Kristina Tamelytė's rating of the film Emilia

    I think I still have PTSD after watching this crap, I cannot watch anything else afraid it's going to be that bad again.

  6. Genadijus L.'s rating of the film Emilia

    Terrible directing, screenplay, editing, sound and music design, and most of the actors don't believe in words they are supposed to say, except Severija Janušauskaitė, Tauras Čizas and the young actress Ieva Andrejevaitė. This is one of the worst examples how to make patriotic films with a bad approach to reflect the past.