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  1. Photo of Christian-Jaque

    Christian-Jaque Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jameson Brewer

    Jameson Brewer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Valeria Bonamano

    Valeria Bonamano Screenplay

  4. Photo of Werner P. Zibaso

    Werner P. Zibaso Screenplay

  5. Photo of Alexandre Dumas père

    Alexandre Dumas père Novel

  6. Photo of Michèle Mercier

    Michèle Mercier Cast

  7. Photo of Richard Johnson

    Richard Johnson Cast

  8. Photo of John Mills

    John Mills Cast

  9. Photo of Harald Leipnitz

    Harald Leipnitz Cast

  10. Photo of Nadja Tiller

    Nadja Tiller Cast

  11. Photo of Dieter Borsche

    Dieter Borsche Cast

  12. Photo of Claudio Undari

    Claudio Undari Cast

  13. Photo of Mirko Ellis

    Mirko Ellis Cast

  14. Photo of Lorenzo Terzon

    Lorenzo Terzon Cast

  15. Photo of Howard Ross

    Howard Ross Cast

  16. Photo of Gabriella Giorgelli

    Gabriella Giorgelli Cast

  17. Photo of Gisela Uhlen

    Gisela Uhlen Cast

  18. Photo of Venantino Venantini

    Venantino Venantini Cast

  19. Photo of Mario Pisu

    Mario Pisu Cast

  20. Photo of Boy Gobert

    Boy Gobert Cast

  21. Photo of Gigi Ballista

    Gigi Ballista Cast

  22. Photo of Pierre Petit

    Pierre Petit Cinematography

  23. Photo of Riz Ortolani

    Riz Ortolani Music

  24. Photo of Saverio D'Eugenio

    Saverio D'Eugenio Production Design

  25. Photo of Alberto Grimaldi

    Alberto Grimaldi Producer

  26. Photo of Wolf C. Hartwig

    Wolf C. Hartwig Producer

  27. Photo of Peer J. Oppenheimer

    Peer J. Oppenheimer Producer

  28. Photo of Eugenio Alabiso

    Eugenio Alabiso Editing

  29. Photo of Herbert Taschner

    Herbert Taschner Editing

  30. Photo of Paul Schöler

    Paul Schöler Sound

  31. Photo of Rosine Delamare

    Rosine Delamare Costume Design