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  1. Photo of Francis Leroi

    Francis Leroi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Francis Giacobetti

    Francis Giacobetti Producer

  3. Photo of Alain Siritzky

    Alain Siritzky Producer

  4. Photo of Jean-Francis Gondre

    Jean-Francis Gondre Cinematography

  5. Photo of Sylvia Kristel

    Sylvia Kristel Cast

  6. Photo of Mia Nygren

    Mia Nygren Cast

  7. Photo of Patrick Bauchau

    Patrick Bauchau Cast

  8. Photo of Sophie Berger

    Sophie Berger Cast

  9. Photo of Fabrice Luchini

    Fabrice Luchini Cast

  10. Photo of Hélène Plemiannikov

    Hélène Plemiannikov Editing

  11. Photo of Frank De Palma

    Frank De Palma Editing

  12. Photo of Michel Magne

    Michel Magne Music

  13. Photo of Emmanuelle Arsan

    Emmanuelle Arsan Screenplay

  14. Photo of Iris Letans

    Iris Letans Screenplay and Director

  15. Photo of Deborah Power

    Deborah Power Cast

  16. Photo of Gérard Dimiglio

    Gérard Dimiglio Cast

  17. Photo of Sonja Martin

    Sonja Martin Cast

  18. Photo of Christian Marquand

    Christian Marquand Cast

  19. Photo of Marilyn Jess

    Marilyn Jess Cast

  20. Photo of Isabelle Estelle

    Isabelle Estelle Cast

  21. Photo of Gilbert Grosso

    Gilbert Grosso Cast

  22. Photo of Jean-Baptiste Poirot

    Jean-Baptiste Poirot Production Design