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  1. Photo of Ayse Polat

    Ayse Polat Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sandra Harzer

    Sandra Harzer Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Maria Köpf

    Maria Köpf Producer

  4. Photo of Christian Meyer

    Christian Meyer Music

  5. Photo of Rudi Moser

    Rudi Moser Music

  6. Photo of Patrick Orth

    Patrick Orth Cinematography

  7. Photo of Gergana Voigt

    Gergana Voigt Editing

  8. Photo of Thilo Mengler

    Thilo Mengler Production Design

  9. Photo of Einar Marell

    Einar Marell Sound

  10. Photo of Maria Kwiatkowsky

    Maria Kwiatkowsky Cast

  11. Photo of Pinar Erincin

    Pinar Erincin Cast

  12. Photo of Haluk Piyes

    Haluk Piyes Cast

  13. Photo of Antje Westermann

    Antje Westermann Cast

  14. Photo of Geno Lechner

    Geno Lechner Cast

  15. Photo of Julia Mahnecke

    Julia Mahnecke Cast

  16. Photo of Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen

    Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen Cast

  17. Photo of Sonia De Martino

    Sonia De Martino Cast

  18. Photo of Rita Grote

    Rita Grote Cast

  19. Photo of Laura Guilda Grote

    Laura Guilda Grote Cast

  20. Photo of Corinna Ecke

    Corinna Ecke Cast

  21. Photo of Rosa-Luisa Grützmann

    Rosa-Luisa Grützmann Cast

  22. Photo of Lisa-Theres Wenzel

    Lisa-Theres Wenzel Cast

  23. Photo of Kim Young-Shin

    Kim Young-Shin Cast

  24. Photo of Katrin Wasow

    Katrin Wasow Cast

  25. Photo of Bettina Schoeller

    Bettina Schoeller Cast

  26. Photo of Teresa Harder

    Teresa Harder Cast